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message 1: by Angela (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:14PM) (new)

Angela Wynne | 14 comments I am starting today with the project of reading all the Pulitzer Prize winning books. I will be starting with the most recent (hopefully-that's the plan anyway) and working my way back. I will post comments as I complete the books and as I am reading if I feel compelled.

I'm willing to swap these books with other Pulitzer Prize winners-so let me know.


message 2: by Angela (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:17PM) (new)

Angela Wynne | 14 comments OK-I have started reading "The Road", Cormac McCarthy (2007 winner). So far, I have found it very intriguing, but not for the usual reasons. I am not on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what will happen next,rather, I am processing and forming ideas in my mind of the message/messages the author is trying to convey- about man,society and life in general. I will try and give a synopsis of my overall interpretation when I am done...shouldn't take long. The type is big and spaced out.

Bye for now.


message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 5 comments I recently joined this website and was really happy to find this group in Nashville. Reading all of the PP fiction novels has been my goal since last year. My reading comes and goes with "life" activities. I read a book every couple of months, whichever one is available from the library, primarily. By far, my favorite reads have been Richard Russo's Empire Falls and Geraldine Brooks' March.

I am currently reading Middlesex, very interesting. Have also read Martin Dressler's Tale of an American Dreamer, The Shipping News, The Stone Diaries, Beloved (in college), and To Kill a Mockingbird ( who hasn't).

message 4: by Angela (new)

Angela Wynne | 14 comments Hi Michelle,

Welcome to the group! I'm anxious to hear what you think of Middlesex when you're done. It is at the top of my "to read" list. I liked March a lot as well, but didn't love Empire Falls. I liked it, don't get me wrong-just not LOVE. I guess I expect an awful lot from pp winners...maybe too much. Anyway, I am reading "The Known World" but I am getting ready to abandon it. I just cannot get into it. Oh well, on to the next one.

Happy New Year!


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