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Is it appropriate to review when it's not even finished?

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message 1: by Jeff (new) - added it

Jeff Stevens The book isn't even finished, but it has reviews and stars already? I'm as big a fan and looking forward to this as much as the next guy, but that just seems inappropriate. Is this typical of GoodReads? (I'm relatively new)

message 2: by Priscilla (new) - added it

Priscilla It's the internet. People are always finding new and exciting ways to reveal their ignorance. :D

TimeyWimeyBooks I think goodreads shouldn't allow reviews on book that haven't been read.

message 4: by Hitandmiss (last edited Feb 06, 2012 04:06PM) (new) - added it

Hitandmiss Meh who cares.... you are not going to get the "Perfect poll" and all the effort you go through to block voting before its released won't change much. The people who are voting early are fans and likely to vote high anyways.

Also if you dislike a series and people are voting high before its out, treat it like you would anyways. Ignore it.

message 5: by Thomas (new)

Thomas I have to agree with Jeff, rating a book that isn't out yet is ridiculous. In my opinion so are the notions that "The Doors of Stone" will come out in the next year or two; think the Wise Man's Fear didn't come out until 5 years after Name of the Wind. I don't expect it to come out for several more years.

message 6: by Beth (new) - added it

Beth In general or in this specific case?

In general...
Yes and no. Is it proper to rate? Probably not... but the only real danger is potentially misleading someone into believing that there IS a finished copy of the manuscript out there to rate. Proper to review? Mreh. I think by now it's generally accepted that pre-release reviews on goodreads are by and large based on expectation, speculation and potential. If you actually read the reviews, that's fairly obvious, and looking up the release date and/or status of the manuscript isn't exactly rocket science. You'd have to be pretty apathetic about said-book's upcoming release to mistake a typical pre-release review as a legitimate critique of the book.

In this case...
Speculation is natural for any upcoming book, especially for a sequel or mid-series release LET ALONE the conclusion for a popular series. Now add that hype to the fact that the entire Kingkiller Chronicles were already written when Rothfuss submitted them for publication (according to the author, the time in between releases has been spent on editing), and it's no wonder why there are more theory- and "I can't wait till"- posts than anyone cares to read.

Bottom line, everyone wants a place to post their opinions and expectations and a goodreads review board is just as good as any.

message 7: by Ming (last edited Oct 28, 2012 05:16PM) (new)

Ming Ko I just found this site by searching on Google.
Thought "cool it´s out!" Reviews are already being given, wow.

The definition of the word "review" is corrupted.
Guess you got me.
Thanks for fooling me.
Yeah, what a shame.

Signed up just for this comment. Won´t ever return to this site. C ya.

message 8: by Lwp (new) - added it

Lwp Okay, I just got done reading the thread. My daughter and I laughed out loud when we came across Pat's entry. Especially the bit about how if we "time travellers" would just send him a digital copy of "Doors" he could get the 5-star version published and not spend any more time on the beta-3 1/2 star version he is currently laboring on.
Re Dr. WHO - Pat, I hid behind the couch when my dad would chase me around the living room pretending to be a Dalek and .... I remember K9 - yes I am that old...

I waited for Paksenarrion, I will wait for Kvothe. I know it will be worth the wait.. Thanks a million for giving me a new classic.

message 9: by Ian (new)

Ian Short answer. No.
But by having the review section it gives fans a place to speculate and nerd out on what will happen.

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