Spell Bound (Hex Hall, #3) Spell Bound question

What do you think will happen?
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SPOILER ALERT! (if you havent read the 2nd book,Domon Glass)
at the end of Demon Glass she goes through the portal, to where her mother is. Where Cal said for her to go. What do you will happen?
Will her father survive? What about Archer? Will she choose Archer or Cal? Did i mention she kisses Cal at the end of the book? OMG! Too Much!


Hey is spellbound the last book in the series?

I think sophies mum is some how connected with the brannicks. And I think she's gonna end up with cal (I hope so!).

Well i think her mom is probably in some way connected to the Brannicks. Otherwise why would Cal tell her to go there and that they wouldn't hurt her? I sure hope that her dad survives. I enjoyed his character so much. And i hope she chooses Archer. I love him. Not that i don't love Cal, i do very much love him. That kiss at the end of the book was so unexpected i was like"....WOW....". lol I can't wait till Spellbound comes out!!

Arg, am I the ONLY one that does not like Archer? I mean.. What about Cal!?

I think her mother is a Brannick because Mrs.Casnoff said you and your father, both, were a disappointment and I think she says that because her fatgher fell in love with a Brannick and now she has fallen in love with an Eye.

I just read the third book and it definitely had some real surprises in there. I definitely cried it was a very emotional book and thank god doesn't end on a cliff hanger, or at least i don't think so. But i was VERY thrilled with the ending.

I believev her mother is a brannick , cause they dont kill her on spot. Archer will live of course. I hope her farther does too but im not 100 % Other than that im not so sure. Oh she'll pick Archer he's super hot

I am so stuck between Cal and Archer. I don't even know which one she should choose. I love both of them.

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I don't think Sophie's mom is really her biological mom. I think the main woman from the Brannicks his her real mom. That is why Cal sent her there and said they would not hurt her. Also I love Cal and hope she picks him! Archer is okay but I just swoon for Cal.

Patricia Perez Cal, gross..
Feb 16, 2012 08:19PM

I don't think that I think aslymm brannick is her grandmother

Azhia agreed if she didnt pick archer that'd be dumb
Jan 22, 2012 10:59AM

I think Cal is going to find Sophie's dad but not Archer, he may have already been taken by L'occhio D Dio. And as for Sophie she might find out her true heritage as half demon and half Brannick..

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