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Drea | 30 comments Mod

This book is a power to the people version of, "The Global Consciousness Project, (GCP) also called “the EGG Project” ? According to the wikipedia; “The EGG Project is a long-running science experiment maintained by an international collaboration of about 100 research scientists and engineers. It is based on technology developed at Princeton to study interactions of consciousness with physical systems. The GCP has been collecting data from a global network of random event generators since August, 1998. The network currently maintains about 65 sites around the world running custom software that reads the output of physical random number generators and records a trial (sum of 200 bits) once every second, 24/7, continuously over months and years. The data is transmitted over the Internet to a server in Princeton, NJ, USA, where they are archived for later analysis."

Other have started spiritual versions of the project, but most have ended up sitting around while the all important messages we are all attempting to share need acted upon and forwarded.

Since this is an "US plus You" effort, we aim to work alone and together, recognizing each others purposes and aim to create examples of agreement. But we should also recognize the higher purpose, and work for that, something which is the whole point.

We discovered a mass consciousness project on myspace and all you can read is, "when will we be ready? " Well we say "Wait No More" and we better act now before its too late. Lets work harder to bring these efforts and others into view, because at this point they seem to not be fully functional. Others may have not had a clear direction or intention, sometimes people are just a little tech savy or have a head start but lack any real motivation to help all beings. Others may be more of a burning man crowd, acting tribal but just there to play like children in the sandbox of spirituality.

We notice all these websites and blogs and a bunch of people talking to themselves, so much self grasping and me, me me, and I I I pods and marketing taking advantage of the unaware spiritual condition people are suffering from. Those with the most friends and the most reach seem to be the most unaware, conscious grass root project will tend to have a few thousand friends, 10 at the most, while the average porn star is in the hundreds. And none of them, record labels included will lift a finger to recognize a cause, or project geared towards helping us guide ourselves into the future. The yoga scene is getting just as bad, turning the reach into community into a fashion show, like little kids who say "watch me do this trick". They all want to sell their books but none of them do anything to help people who want their unity back, people who are in efforts to expose what is really going on, people like all of us who want to create and find solutions.

This project is an "Om Point". We are here to take everything into consideration, from local events, to festivals, protests and the retail and corporate world. Lets bring our gross plane reality into view and see what is happening to it while everyone is on the internet. Lets not ignore our planet because we chase our wants online, no , lets use the computer to deal with our real needs. The mind should serve the heart.
Chapter one is a video, it sets a context, it alerts us that something is happening, something needs done, and that the considerations are deep.

message 2: by deZengo (new)

deZengo (sacredspace) | 3 comments This is an exciting break through for us all. Your efforts to collect and redirect the mass conscious through loving direction has infinite potential. I for one am ready for the changes and ready to assist in any way I can.

WE the people can reclaim our truth and the Namasteezy Spirit is here to gently direct and guide us through.

Love & Light in all endeavors.

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A book called "happening as us, through us, to us"

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