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Kyo or Yuki? Whose your favourite?

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Georgina Kyo for me. He's fairly wild and awkward but still lovely all the same. Yuki's a bit too self-pitying for me and too much of a pretty boy.

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KYO! he'ss soooooooooooooo awsomeeee!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy-chan KYO!!!!!!!!!i love kyo!!!! yuki looks for a mother in tohru. which i think is wrong, whereas kyo on the other hand... <3

Laina Kyo!!!! love him.

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Michelle Wardhaugh OK, I gotta put in for Yuki, then. He's so sweet, and he thinks of others before himself. Once he'd gotten out of those teen years, I think he would end up a thoughtful and considerate lover. If you're asking who for Tohru, then it's Kyo. But for me . . ., actually I liked Shigure. He's so twisted.

Georgina Michelle wrote: "OK, I gotta put in for Yuki, then. He's so sweet, and he thinks of others before himself. Once he'd gotten out of those teen years, I think he would end up a thoughtful and considerate lover. If..."

I meant favourite character :]

Shigure is an interesting character and incredibly funny. Especially with the way he treats his editor.

Dulce BOTH!!! <3 ! :D

Lydia Smedry I know, I know, I'm an oddball... but... YUKI!!!! He has so many layers to his charcter, and he's sweet.

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Ava Reeves Kyo!! love kyo and his awkwardness around tohru he`s so cute! yuki is still nice though and im happy he was happy because of tohru but yuki is perfect with kaugra not tohru, kyo is.

Ashley Definitely Kyo. :D

Alli Cat of Night For Tohur I like Yuki better. But for me I like Kyo better.

Emrald Most defiantly yuki!!!! He is stronger and much cuter!

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Yuki is girly, to much for my likeing. My Zodiac is the Cow though, but i want to be like the cat~!

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At first, I LOVED Yuki. However, as Kyo's soft side started to show, i realized he was cool. And the Yuki thought Tohru as a mother, which was weird. So yeah, KYO IS BEAST! :D

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M. Kyooooo!

Maerwhyn I liked Yuki, though I'm happy Tohru ended up with Kyo--they needed each other more. But I liked watching Yuki grow up and become a stronger person.

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Kyo. He is just so funny when he gets frustrated, and he doesn't reallry understand people actions very well... It sort of cute.

Jackie Uuuuuum, KYO!!! :D <3

Samantha  Rizzuti Um... ugh, I can't choose! I like both of them! XD

Andrea Evans Kyo yuki is too much of a prissy little girl

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marissa wrote: "Kyo yuki is too much of a prissy little girl"

Cutos to that.


Emrald Mattie wrote: "Kyooooo!"
Yeah, I agree. But I still like Yuki the best. He's BEAST!!!

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Mary KYOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riké Kyo! He's so cute and angry and tortured. I love it!

Dulce KYO!!! <3 ! :D

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marissa wrote: "Kyo yuki is too much of a prissy little girl"

agreed! :)

Prettylittlearia4 KYO-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karsen I like Kyo better he has that feel that youll set him of at any moment while Yuki is more insightful

Stephanie Alvarez I like Both of them haha. (:

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Summer I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!!!

Bethany Jane BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't choose

Prima Kyo. No contest.

Hriju I love them both, but if i had to choose one, I would choose Kyo.

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Lia I do like both of them. But if I were to comment on Tohru's decision, I would agree with her because Kyo seems to suit her well while Yuki just seems a bit spoiled around her. He does, after all, think of her as a mother more than a girlfriend. I like Kyo's personality of being so out going and he doesn't hide his feelings (especially anger).

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Tami I love them both but Kyo's my favorite. Yuki only loved Tohru as a mother whereas Kyo loved her not as a mother. Kyo's extrovert personality would suit Tohru's quiet and introvert nature. Plus, Tohru is the only one who could control Kyo when he was angry.

Delaney Bella I change my mind...I love Kyo..

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Joyce Kyo, of course.

Delaney KYO was hilarious and when he was sweet he acted all ackward and was really funny and actually nice even if he doesn't know how to show it.

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Madlenka couldn't choose if i tryed... :/

Gowshii i meant KYO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abbey Furey KYO!!!!

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Allison Kyo <3

Maria I can't choose between either one, so I'm gonna have to say... Momiji! I love Momiji so much, he's just so much fun. And I have had many hyper and sugar high moments. But I do really like both Kyo and Yuki, each are awesome in their own way.

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Louise Definitly Kyo =D

YA_pagemaster I adored them both, but I'd have to say Kyo. How about Shigure vs. Hatori? I don't know if I could decide becuase I loved them both too.

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Kyo.... he lookes cuter and better than yuki. ((no offense))


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I like Kyo, cause i love it when he gets all angry and stuff

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