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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

man 1: dreams like foods that we need them for life

man 2: dreams like snow that can growing plants even under ice age!!!

woman 1: dreams like love that can happen between us

woman 2: dreams like rain that can wash us from all bads

What do you think about dreams???

message 2: by Reny (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:14PM) (new)

Reny (renny3108yahoocom) | 2 comments Dreams is life itself!

message 3: by Ashley (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:17PM) (new)

Ashley (samuraigurl91) | 3 comments i think dreams are essential for life. without dreams no one will achieve anything great. and the world will still be a sad place.

message 4: by Hilda (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:38PM) (new)

Hilda dream is like sugar in my life..at least something makes me have a hope..specially when things go wrong. Though sometimes, real life brushed it away..

message 5: by Arthur (new)

Arthur | 1 comments man : Dreams about being paranoid and trapped while normal situations against logic

man : Dreams of numeral situations that plaque every other dream in every situation passable often recurring problems in new sleep

women : Dreams of recurring odd behavior and relationship distances but good behavior and natural reawakening and affordable identities

women : Dreams of recurring impossible situations to avoid very often and characteristic differences and warnings and impairments and never really true in life

I sleep as if nothing has happened. Once I wake I mean dreams are rare and have not likely any purpose. There must be dreams in my sleep and it looks like I don’t bother to watch dreams until I wake or when I go to sleep. I get so tired and wander to bed. Sometimes the dreams have been true. And sometimes far too untrue to consider its worth at all. Sometimes I may remember the dream and sometimes it just goes away.

message 6: by Nazanin (new)

Nazanin | 2 comments the whole world is based on dreams.

message 7: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1 comments Dreams are Amazing the way it is. u never know what u will dream about and thats the best thing about a dream. its ur own creation.

message 8: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (evilwinterelf) Dreams are my escape from this world. A place of pure imagination.

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