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Coming in 2009 -- New format & bonus story!

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Linda Hi!

THE SEER series will get a brand new format in the summer of 2009 -- larger trade sized books with the same covers. This is being done so the size matches Llewellyn's FLUX line.

As a bonus, this new edition of DON'T DIE DRAGONFLY, will include a bonus short story titled, DOMINIC'S VOLCANO, that goes into Dominic's past and shows the brutality of his uncle, how he connected with animals, his first meeting with Nona, and his friendship with a falcon.

Check author's site for the latest book news.

Lori I realize this tread was started years ago but I have just recently dicovered this series and am currently reading book 3. I am really enjoying these books.

Angie I would like a list of all the dont die dragonfly books that are out please. i have read 8 of the book and want to make sur i dont miss one if you can email me thats great

Lori As far as I knew there were only 6 books in the series.
1. Don't Die Dragonfly
2. Last Dance
3. Witch Ball
4. Sword Play
5. Fatal Charm
6. Magician's Muse.

If there are others out there I would love to know what they are, maybe Novellas? I know in the last book it mentions a spin off series about Thorn. I haven't checked it out yet but I do plan too.

Rihanna lovely love it !!!!!

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I liked this a lot. I've only read the first one but I'm gonna read the second one soon since I have it.

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