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Verbal Fridge Dialogue is a code whereby volunteers can contact others through the use of a refrigerator. It is noted in The Slippery Slope that it is used as an emergency communication. Fridges are used due to their contents having a high likelihood of surviving fires. These are few of the guidelines of the code:

The recipient of the message will know that the code is being used by finding Very Fresh Dill in the fridge and his or her initials scraped into the top of the darkest jam. A poem is used in The Slippery Slope to explain:
The darkest of the jams three,

Contains within the addressee
To represent days of the week for a gathering, a cured, fruit-based calendar is used. One olive means Sunday, two means Monday, etc.
Any spice-based condiment will have an ingredients label referring to coded poems.
While the entire code in The Slippery Slope is incomplete, Lemony Snicket indicates that one of the remaining ingredients in the instance of Verbal Fridge Dialogue in that book, a pickle, was to be used inside a coded sandwich. The other remaining ingredient, lemon juice, also hints at Lemony's role in the code.

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Prajit (pram) | 22 comments ok..

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Gunjari (irajnug) i thought that this one was random, but hey--- the whole series is kinda like that! Thats what i love about it.

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Maya (mswwsmmsw) yeah, same!!

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me too!

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