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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Woollven (jwoollven) | 15 comments Mod
What is the name of your book? What is the genre? Why did you choose it?

message 2: by Scout Mason (new)

Scout Mason | 25 comments The name of my book is ANIMORPHS- THE ANDROID
The genre is action/adventure
I chose it cause it had an attractive cover


Deanna McCubbins | 16 comments The name of my book is Christmas in Heaven. The genre is general classics and fiction. I chose is because my cousin had told me it was a good book. It had really turned out to be a good book :).

Abraham Carrillo | 14 comments The title is Maximum Ride: The Angle Experiment. The genre is fantasy. I chose this book because of the cover and the quote on the cover, which is "you've gotta soar to survive."

Katy Pennington | 26 comments The name of my book is "A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a Boy Soldier"
by Ishmael Beah
It is am memoir
I chose it because my mom recommended it to me, and she always reads books that I like.

Lorenzo Mendoza | 19 comments The name of my book is "Senior Year", it has to do with a father and his son and everything they go through with his son baseball team. The Genre is sports and i chose this book because it relates to my life in tons of exact ways.

message 7: by Kyle Zrostlik (new)

Kyle Zrostlik | 13 comments The Gun is the name of my book it's a action/drama book. This book looked like the type of book that would get my attention. I haven't finished it but it's getting good.

message 8: by Jordan Stewart (new)

Jordan Stewart | 16 comments The Bad Beginning. Fantasy. Traded books with Seth.

message 9: by Sam Kowalski (new)

Sam Kowalski | 16 comments The book I'm reading right now is called identical. The genre is a poetry book. I'm reading it because i have read all of the other books by Ellen Hopkins and they are amazing.

message 10: by Carlos Mora (new)

Carlos Mora  Mora (CarlosMora) | 15 comments The title of the book im reading is Best Shorts. There short stories and the genres are, humor, adventure, survival, Historical fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. I choose it because it looked like a pretty good book, well i like short stories and this one really does have the best short stories ive ever read.

message 11: by Seth Snyder (new)

Seth Snyder | 17 comments The name of my book is "Billy Hooten Owlboy" by Thomas E. Sniegoski. The genre of my book is adventure. I chose this book because it looked interesting and i was looking to read something more childish.

message 12: by Shelby Carroll (new)

Shelby Carroll | 29 comments My books name is "Vendetta" by Chris Humphrey's. My book is a part of a fantasy series. The title was interesting and also the short description intrigued me.

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