The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #4) The Battle of the Labyrinth discussion

Percy Jackson's awesome adventures

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Catherine of course

Leslie Glad to have the recommendation--I had heard that it wasn't as good as previous books!

Laura I actually prefered this one to Titan's Curse. Although I do think they are all really good teen fantasy books.

Joey awesome! As good as the ones that came before.

Justin i like the battle of the labrith best it has an awesome ending

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Kaylee~ i love the ending. but my fav is the second!!!!

Madeline this is my fav percy jackson book!

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Kaylee~ cool;

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Dakota My favorite would be Titans Curse but this is close.

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Kaylee~ lol, that's my second favorite

Dakota cool

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Kaylee~ !:D

Dakota hmm unibrow..........almost?

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Kaylee~ lol, yah!

Dakota Amazing...............almost...

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Kaylee~ YESH!!!!!!8D

Dakota ok then :)

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Kaylee~ :D

Dakota ok its enough smily faces what is that four now.................=D five

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Kaylee~ lolz!!!!

Torie Battle of the Labyrinth is my favorite PJ book so far. ;D 'Twould make a great movie, with all the underground stuff, methinks!

Madeline i agree!

Hailey No not even the first is the best

Caroline 5,4,2,3,1

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I love the last book, especially when Annabeth and Percy kiss underwater. Talk about romantic! :D

Sarah i love all of the books!

Marina is the last olympian the last book of the series ?

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Yes it is but you can always read the red pyramid or the heroes of olympus series! Mark of Athena in 16 days!!!!!

Marina thanks! :) BUT WHY???? ICANT BELIEVE ITS OVER .....

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Percy Jackson (and friends) are in the heroes of olympus series, it's actually still about percy (and a new boy named Jason Grace)

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But the red pyramid is egyptian mythology. FYI Heroes of Olympus (Book one is the lost hero, I recommend it) is written in 3rd person, which threw a lot of people off and turned them off from the series

Marina im Greek and i loved the fact he knows all these stuff about mythology ..... i hope the other books are as great as Percy Jackson series..

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I think they are but a lot of people might disagree with me

So this is how the books go

Heroes of Olympus series:
Lost hero
Son of Neptune
Mark of Athena (comes out in two weeks ish)

Kane Chronicles series:
Red Pyramid
Throne of Fire
Serpent's Shadow (this series concluded this spring)

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And that's cool that your greek! Do you live in greece?

Marina yeah i do . what about you ?

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Minnesota. most boring place ever. Too much snow, too hot in the summer :P boring people. Evil neighbors etc

Wish I lived in europe though

Hailey 5,4,1,2,3
I really didn't like the titans curse it wasn't all that exciting

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