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Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga
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SSR Hell's Angels

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Hernan Hernandez | 13 comments The story takes place in Monterrey when chapters of a motorcycle gang called Hell's angels hold's its annual get together to honor fallen comrades and have a good time and get to see their old friends.When its is suddenly involved with the rape and kidnap of two young girls 15 and 14 years of age.The story spreads fast and the angels are run out of town the headlines state "Hell's Angels gang rape" while four members are in jail accused, pleading innocent.In the meantime the reporters and others refuse to believe witness reports contrary to the charges because of these peoples appearance.These so reportedly unkempt uncombed bunch of misfits always causing trouble wherever they go riding their big bikes causing hazards for other drivers on the road. My opinion on this is that although they may not be model citizens they are part of the community and should be listened to even if they are troublemakers.

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