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message 1: by Ed (new)

Ed | 219 comments Mod
What did people think?

message 2: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (notestothemoon) ***Possible Spoiler***

I liked it! We watched some dodgy version downloaded on the xbox so it kept buffering, but was good. Wish I'd seen it in the cinema. I think it's a film made for the big screen and would have been scarier then! The ending left me frustrated. I know it's supposed to just end, a bit like blair witch, but I wanted to know what happened in the end? Did it die? Did anyone survive? Or is it lined up for a sequel......hmmm?

message 3: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Ed, I hated this movie. Words can't describe how annoying it was to me. I did love the monster at the end, though.

I have so little tolerance now for shallow, sarcastic twentysomethings. This movie was too full of them. Most of the young people in TV and movies seem so generic and one-dimensional these days.

message 4: by Phillip (new)

Phillip | 10722 comments word.

message 5: by George (new)

George | 951 comments yeah, you never really felt like you knew this monster or his motivation.

message 6: by Alex DeLarge (new)

Alex DeLarge | 851 comments Here's my apologetic review: Now I'll post my feelings on Kieslwoski's THREE COLORS to make up for this;)

CLOVERFIELD (Matt Reeves, 2007, USA) Intellectually I should dislike this movie because I can find a hundred flaws in logic and science…but I really enjoyed this flick and became immersed in the character’s drama and emotional conflicts amid this unbelievable catastrophe. What differentiates this from BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (though both films share a common P.O.V. structure) is the emotional elements are communicated visually and through realistic (re: sometimes inane) dialogue…not through annoying voice over “documentary” narration. The viewer becomes a part of this adventure and feels the rush of running alongside and experiencing the monstrous battle with the protagonists. I also liked the cross-cutting between the old tape and the current story as the past leaks through and sheds light on the relationship between Rob and Lily. The writer plays with nearly every horror convention but spins them in surprising directions; for example, one of the girls wears her high-heels the entire film…but she never stumbles or falls down while being chased. A purely visceral movie that packs a wallop and leaves your head spinning; just don’t think too much about the facts! Have fun. (B-)

message 7: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 99 comments I will make this short- I didn't like Cloverfield at all. I could've cared less about the characters and spent a good chunk of the film asking for a rewind on what just happened because they apparently had no lighting budget. I know, I should be dark yada yada for effect yada yada...but no, this was just highly irritating.

message 8: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) I don't think there have been any characters I have ever cared less for than the ones in Cloverfield. They weren't even 2-dimensional! Shrieking and sobbing and arguing. The only plot was the meet-up with the monster at the very end. My head hurts from the memory of this bad movie.

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