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Audio - Danger: New World Order Imploding!

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Drea | 26 comments

The systemic crisis which birthed Globalism has now gone critical as a $2,000 Trillion edifice faces deflation of up to 60/1 leveraging and potential wipeout of Wall Street's stocks and American's retirement savings.

Fintan Dunne examines the opportunities and dangers of the collapse of the Globalist Economic Order; and the threat of a huge tax burden and command economy which would destroy America.


Moments of Kabir (momentsofhafiz) | 49 comments Mod

We checked the link above to break for news and we get this message when we click the link to read more about it at break for news....

"Oops - we couldn't find that topic."

More secrecy promoted over the internet? More censorship?

We will be right back with 5000 witnesses.

Moments of Kabir (momentsofhafiz) | 49 comments Mod

So we posted the Information in the groups back up location, where we continue to review, write our book and interact online for the benefit of future generations of children.

Is our project not being recognized as a book? Or could it be that they do not want us to weave?

We will title our book and then recognize it ourselves, and continue to write a book about the happenings of our so called country, world and universe.

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