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message 1: by Stephanie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:11PM) (new)

Stephanie Tuell (booksloveme) well, i'll start. i'm stephanie. 24. married for just over 8 years, we have a 7 year son. i LOVE reading. i own over 700 books. after i read them i post them on a few different trading sites.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm Melissa. I'm 28, married for 10 yrs and have a 9 yr old daughter, a 7 yr. old son, and my baby girl who is 16 months. I also love reading. You can often find me stirring the pot of whatever I'm cooking with one hand and holding a book reading with the other.

message 3: by Jennifer (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:19PM) (new)

Jennifer Everitt Hi Everyone! I'm Jennifer but you can all call me Jenn. I'm 37 and I've been married for almost 10 years (November). I have one furry child (a cat) and like all of you I love to read. Ever since I joined goodreads and Paperback swap it's all I seem to do. Ever since I discovered Good Reads and Paperback Swap the amoutn of TBR books has almost doubled.

message 4: by Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:20PM) (new)

Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews (hugbandit7) Hi! I'm Leslie and just turned 40 (yikes!) and lovelovelove to read. will read nearly anything I can get my hands on and my TBR pile is getting too large!

I do trade on several sites (PBS, FR, BM) and that has caused my TBR to be around 90 at this point (without the ones that are on their way and should put me around 100)

No kids except the furry kind...well and a ss that lives in another state and we only see him a few times a year.

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Peter | 4 comments Hi: My name is Peter. I live in Haverhill with my wife and three kids. I work two jobs, one in Haverhill and the other in Lowell, Ma. But I have had the great fortune after many years of rejection to be having my first novel published next spring. The publisher, Kunati Books, wants me to blog away and so I am. The name of the book is HUNTING THE KING, and it is for anyone who liked Da Vinci Code. When I read,it is usually historical fiction. I am working on one now that takes place in the Belgian Congo in 1960. So, my latest read is a book written by the CIA station chief in Leopoldville at the time. Not an exciting read, but an interesting one.

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April (apriol) | 2 comments Hello! :) My name is April. I'm 24 and live in an apartment in IL with my husband, Phil, of 3.5 years and our 3 pets (a dog and two cats.) I am a house wife for right now so I read quite a bit and love trading books on PBS; although, I've stopped requesting books until I can make a dent in my TBR pile. My pile isn't nearly as large as some I've read about, but it fills up nearly a whole bookcase in our living room and my husband is getting a little agitated with me getting more books when I already have so many to read. heh. :)

message 7: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Tuell (booksloveme) well hi there april! your hubby sounds just like mine!

message 8: by April (new)

April (apriol) | 2 comments Heh! He's normally very supportive, but he wants me to at least make a dent in my TBR pile before I go obtain more books.

message 9: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Hi! My name is Nancy. I'm 45, married for 13 years, no kids. I have four full bookcases, plus books in the closet, under the bed, in the car, and in my file cabinet at work. Thanks to Paperback Swap, Goodreads and Shelfari, my collection continues to grow. So far, no complaints from my husband. :)

Nice to meet you all!

message 10: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Tuell (booksloveme) no complaints from your husband! lucky you! i'm so jealous. when i found boxes of books that were dug out from our house fire last year and realized that i had to throw them away due to the mold, he jumped for joy!

Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews (hugbandit7) I boxed up 15 books (not really many) to send overseas to military. It isn't much but it is something! Plus one to mail out from Bookmooch. and I need to ask my sister what books her work can take for the kids and if there are any adults.

and hubby isn't really aware of all of the books I have, at least I don't think so!

off to read!

message 12: by Deb (new)

Deb Hi I'm Debbie, I'm 47 married we have 3 sons and our golden retriever, Sophie. My book collection has been growing thanks to paperbackswap and goodreads! Looking forward to chatting with you all and sharing books.

message 13: by Pamela(AllHoney) (new)

Pamela(AllHoney) (pamelap) Hi ya'll. My name is Pamela and I'm 46, married for 21 yrs to the same feller and have a 7 yr old beautiful daughter. I stopped reading for a period of about 7 yrs and started reading again last spring. Catching up on all the great reads I missed.

message 14: by Peter (new)

Peter | 4 comments Hello, Pamela. I can understand where you might have stopped reading. I have three kids and by the time they're in bed, I'm too exhuasted to do much of anything. I did manage to write a novel, however, which is coming out in April. It is called HUNTING THE KING, and it has already received great reviews from Booklist and ForeWord magazine, which said, "Fans of intellectual thrillers and historical fiction will find a worthy new voice in Clenott. Given such an auspicious start, the sequel can't come too soon." It follows archaeologist Molly O'Dwyer into war torn Iraq in search of the remains of Jesus. You can check out the wonderful trailer on my web site, I hope you'll take the time. And let me know what you think. Thanks Peter.

message 15: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Well, I didn't think hubby was aware of all my books, but he surprised me yesterday for my birthday with two new bookshelves! :D

message 16: by Deb (new)

Deb Wow Nancy that was really nice of him! I have run out of space too. Right now my to read pile just sits on or around my little side table. I have boxes of books in my basement with no home yet.

message 17: by Holly P (new)

Holly P (hlp0221) Hey everyone! I'm Holly. I'm 26 and have been married for five years. My husband and I both love to read although I read just about any type of fiction I can get my hands on and he sticks to mostly forgotten realms and cat who books. We have three kittys, one adorable beagle and a three year old boy who will not go to sleep without a book Wonder who he got that from...
;-) We currently have about 400 books (most of them mine) and thanks to discovering PBS last year that number keeps growing drastically. Pretty soon I'll have to use one of our garages exclusively for storing books :)

message 18: by Collette (new)

Collette (vwbernie) | 2 comments Hi everyone,
I just joined Goodreads today. Great place! I'm Collette, 42 and have been married to AJ for 10 years. We just have a big dog named Sofi and just finished building a house after 10 years. I'm in Missoula, Montana and have been all of my life except for college in Bozeman, MT.
I love books and have a lot of them, most I haven't read. I have been on a reading kick now for about 4 years. I've always been a bookworm but it's really gotten turned up the last few years and especially since joining PBS a couple of years ago. I read about anything fiction but love paranormal, romance, fantasy, mystery and chick lit the best.
Looking forward to getting to know some others from PBS.

Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews (hugbandit7) welcome Collette! this is a small world because I think I know someone in Bozeman MT! Would be funny if she went to college there (but I know she didn't since our sorority isn't in MT)


message 20: by Deb (new)

Deb Hi Collette:
My husband is from Bozeman and went to college there also. We vacation up there every year to visit the in-laws. We also have a dog named Sophie a golden retriever!

Do you trade a lot on PBS?

Welcome to GoodReads!

message 21: by Collette (new)

Collette (vwbernie) | 2 comments Hi Leslie and Deb,
Thanks for the welcome. It is a small world, isn't it? lol Bozeman was a great place to go to school. I miss the town.

I do trade quite a bit on PBS. It's been a good site for me for trading although I really should send out more than I receive which hasn't been the case. lol


message 22: by Traci (new)

Traci (faeryprincess) | 2 comments Hi my name is Traci and this is my 1st time on Goodreads. I am a member of PBS and paly in alot of the swaps. I have met great people on the site. I am 39 y/o..married 15 years in June and have a 7 month old grandson and 3 step-kids.
I love to read, hubby hate to. I enjoy paranormal, mystery, some fantasy and chicklit.
I have been trying to read more non-fiction this year.
Nice to meet you all.

message 23: by Becca (new)

Becca (creesb22) Hi all!
I'm Rebecca, 28 and I currently live in Germany. We have a lot of overcast days which equal lots of cozy reading days. My TBR list is getting out of control, but still I keep adding to it. =)

message 24: by Ana (new)

Ana (momtomandj) | 1 comments Hello! I'm Ana, former librarian and now SAHM to toddler twins. I love to read and trade books. My nickname at PBS is Ana. I'm also on BookMooch, Shelfari and Good Reads.

message 25: by Diane (last edited Sep 07, 2008 10:40AM) (new)

Diane (muffybf) | 3 comments Hi, my name is Diane. Married to Donnie, mother to Katie, gradmother to Ava. Jimmy is my sil. Donnie and I have 3 cats and a toy poodle named Lucy.

I was thrilled to find PBS a few years ago and I traded loads of books with great people. This site is the best place for me and hubby to find books. I do purchase books on Amazon and sometimes at Target. If we didn't buy new there wouldn't be anything to trade.

My TBR pile is nuts. Tips over at times and I add to it faster that I read. I've discovered scrapbooking since my granddaughter's birth and it eats into my reading time. I started getting books on CD for the car ride back and forth to work and it helps on my general list but not to my TBR pile. It keeps me from listening to the news (ugh).

message 26: by Karen (new)

Karen | 1 comments Hi, my name is Karen. I'm 35, been married for 6 months. We have 2 tortoises, 1 frog, 1 fish.
I never have counted all my books but I'm sure they top 1000. I work for a publishing company and with my Goodreads/PBS addiction, there's no shortage of books around here! My husband rarely reads and gets aggravated with all the books- but he can't really complain because he rivals my book addiction with his video games.

Kraduate on PBS.

message 27: by Mysterious (new)

Mysterious | 2 comments Hello,

I'm Haji. Married 24 yrs, have two daughters, both Sophomores only because one is in College.

I use Goodreads as my online version of my at home complete book database so I don't end up grabbing the same books over and over again (they sound just as good the second time I request them LOL)

My nickname on PBS is Haji as well, where I've been a member since May 05

message 28: by Diane (new)

Diane (muffybf) | 3 comments Hi, I'm Diane. Wife to Donnie, mother to Katie and most of all grandmother to Ava.

I can't remember how long that I have been a member of PBS but I love it. I have tons to read and I have read alot of books that I may never have borrowed or bought.

I do have a question for all of you PBS members. How do you keep your lists current? Every once in a while, I get an email from a member for one of my books and I can't find it. I tried the alpha sort by author in my book shelves (the physical one). Either I get lazy or someone has been in there. I am so embarrased when I have to tell PBS that I can't mail the book. Also the lost credit. Am I the only one that this happens to?

message 29: by Carole (new)

Carole Workman Hello, I am Carole. I am a book addict and Paperbackswap has helped me get more books to fill my addiction. I am also a mother of four children that are also avid readers. Aunt to two nieces that are avid readers sister to my sister which is an avid reader, daughter to a mother that is an avid reader. Also have a loving boyfriend and brother in law that are avid readers and we all live in one household and we all enjoy different genres. That is where paperbackswap has been a blessing.

I am known as dreammer on PBS

message 30: by Diane (new)

Diane (muffybf) | 3 comments Hi, I'm Diane. Wife to Donnie, mother to Katie and most of all grandmother to Ava.

I can't remember how long that I have been a member of PBS but I love it. I have tons to read and I have read alot of books that I may never have borrowed or bought.
I also use our the public library and purchase from Amazon, Target and BJ's for the stuff that I don't want to wait for.
This Christmas I scored a bunch of board books for my 21 month old granddaughter. PBS is a great source for kids books since they change so quickly.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi, I'm Arica. I am 30 and single. I don't remember how long I have been a member of PBS. I mostly read romance novels. I generally use PBS and Bookmooch to get my books. I am so busy that it takes me awhile to read books so I have a hard time finishing before they have to go back.

message 32: by Quiltgranny (new)

Quiltgranny Hey there! I'm Sharon, living in the middle part of the US, and I read a LOT! An addict for sure for I am a very eclectic reader so PBS makes it nice to find what I want. My bookshelves runneth over, and my wish list is full! And I love GR too - I've made a couple of friends here and we call ourselves triplets, separated by birth because our reading lists are so similar.

message 33: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 1 comments Hi, I'm Lisa. I am a stay at home mom to my two boys, 3 and 18 months and needless to say....I need to read to escape the insanity sometimes, lol. I am so glad I discovered PBS....but its made by TBR pile quite larger! I am a regular at our library as well and my boys love to go there. I am so happy to pass on my love of reading to them! PBS allows me to purchase books I don't always want to wait for and get books for them. That way I don't feel as bad spending money on more books ;)

message 34: by Leeankh (last edited Jan 20, 2010 12:09PM) (new)

Leeankh | 1 comments I'm Leeann and I've been a member of PBS for almost 4 years now. (My "swapiversary" is February 10!) I recently turned 30, although I'm not sure how that happened. :) My nickname on the site is also Leeankh. I used to be more active in the forums, but my involvement has really decreased over time. I still love the site though and use it exclusively at this point. Well, I do order the occasional book online when I have a gift card, but it's the only trading site I use. I find myself recommending it all the time to people I know and total strangers alike.

For Diane: I organize my swap books into media boxes that are labeled with numbers. Then I print out my book list from paperbackswap and use it as a legend. I have 1 shelf that is dedicated to the children's books and oversized books as well. It works well for me, but I tend to post my books in batches. If I do post one randomly, I have box 7 set up for those. I like that the boxes are colorful and the posted titles are not mixed in with my keepers.

message 35: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Jensen (Literally Jen) (vampsita) Hi, I'm Jen. I've been trading on PBS for just barely over a year now, and still going strong. At one point, my bookshelf for PBS was completely empty, but it is slowly starting to fill back up as I read and then post more books.

The majority of books I send out are Wish List books. I review books for, and nearly all of those books find their way onto PBS in nearly brand new condition. I also get a lot of ARCs and trade those for a credit each as well.

My favorite genres are paranormal/urban fantasy-romance and YA. I don't trade very much of this, because I typically either buy what I know I already like, or I end up keeping what I've gotten from PBS.

My nickname on PBS is "vampsita". I chose this because of a book I read when I was 12 that I have never forgotten. Recently it was re-published and is now currently on the bestseller lists. That book is called "The Last Vampire" and features a 2000 year old vampire named Sita. She is by far my favorite vampire, and the author, Christopher Pike, is still one of my favorite authors to this day. It's been announced that he is writing new stories about Sita, and I'm thrilled beyond belief.

message 36: by Angie (new)

Angie (bookhugger) | 1 comments Hi, I'm Angie. I'm 41 yrs old, divorced, no kids... unless you count my schnauzer Maggie. LOL I live in NW Arkansas, originally from Missouri. I had gastric bypass surgery (RNY) in March & am doing well. I've been a book nerd (my sister's favorite nickname for me) since I was a child.

I always have a book stuck in my purse, cause ya never know when you might be stuck somewhere. I like mystery, suspense & chick lite. I like to alternate my reading genres. I'll read a mystery or suspense then follow it up with a chick lite.

I'm going to try the "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die" challenge this year.

I trade books on PBS & BM. My nickname on PBS is "angayle36" & on BM "angayle."

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello I'm Tara I'm 22 been married for 3 years and have two daughters I have alot of books not sure as to the exact amount but the ones that I decide I probably won't re-read I post on PBS when I'm done with them. Feel free to add me as a friend anytime. I'm also a Box-O-Booker :)

message 38: by Mylene (new)

Mylene (deafbookwormie) Wow you are so lucky! I hope to have future children that follow my footsteps! :D

Carole wrote: "Hello, I am Carole. I am a book addict and Paperbackswap has helped me get more books to fill my addiction. I am also a mother of four children that are also avid readers. Aunt to two nieces that a..."

message 39: by Mylene (new)

Mylene (deafbookwormie) Hi everybody!
My name is Mylene .. just call me MM. I'm deaf 28 yrs old and have a longtime bf of more than 9 years. I just joined PBS on 7/27 and just slowly is starting to learn more about PBS. I do love reading books since I was 5, thanks to my great grandpa! I enjoy making new friends even though I'm always shy person, haha! It's been so much fun for me to surf on PBS and goodreads as well.
you can check mine out at:

Hope to hear from you guys soon! Take care!


message 40: by Shelley (new)

Shelley Cramer | 1 comments Hello!

Im Shelley, 30 years old, married for 10 years this February, and have one daughter. They both complain that I read to much. lol

message 41: by Dennis (new)

Dennis | 2 comments Hello.

I'm Dennis. I just turned 50, and am in the process of moving from NH to Raleigh NC (the farthest south I've lived before was right on the NY/PA border, so there is some adjustment there!).

I read a lot of Fantasy and SF, as well as mysteries, techno-thrillers, and a spattering of non-fiction (mostly either baseball or birdwatching related). I also listen to a lot of audiobooks, and usually end up right around 100 books per year between the two.

I've been on PBS for a very long time, and sent out more than 1300 books so far!

I think this works for my bookshelf

message 42: by Terri (new)

Terri | 3 comments I'm Terri, my PBS id is txhockeymom. I'm 55 years old and live near Austin, Texas. I have been on PBS since 2007, and absolutely love it! Over the years I have mailed over 800 books and received about 600. I welcome all friend requests on Goodreads and PBS!

message 43: by Bead (last edited Mar 01, 2015 06:42PM) (new)

Bead (mslody) | 1 comments Hello from the corn field in Haverhill! I'm Lody, married for over a decade, no kids. I joined PBS on 2007, but I'm currently an A La Carte member... hope to be able to upgrade my membership when I can afford it.

message 44: by Amyiw (last edited Mar 02, 2015 02:40PM) (new)

Amyiw | 2 comments I'm a mother of 2. Have been a member of PBS since March of 2010. Live in the Maryland suburbs of D.C.. On PBS I've sent and received more than the stated 219 and 288 respectively as I used the forums to send multiples. Especially liked the multiple wishlist forum. I just discovered the new policies that make my credits less valuable by a dollar or 49 cents on both the sender and receivers account so 98 cents (close enough to a dollar), and without membership, no ability to post on the forums. I had already slowed down in the last year due to the postal increases That raise the regular one book send from 2.57 to 3.40 something. I suspect it might be my last year at PBS. Really loved it but... I'll probably start back up at Bookmooch. I really found it hard to keep two accounts going at once. I'll be active for a year as I'm joining the unlimited membership in order to spend my 50 credits.

message 45: by Jim (new)

Jim Williamson | 1 comments I'm ALC (user name adamreith). I joined all the PBS-related groups here since the forums are unavailable at the site. I still have one credit over there, and will stay because I have a large wish list and hope to see a few more books from it appear.

message 46: by Donna (last edited Dec 14, 2016 07:23PM) (new)

Donna (donnawannaread) | 12 comments Hi, my name is Donna and I live in Alaska so I'm pretty cold right now. It is -23 F and I am not getting out from under my covers!! I have been married 25 years and have two adult (cough!) sons. I'm 45 and on disability so I am home all the time. I have a beagle pup (8 months) that keeps me busy. I love to read and I love paperbookswap for trading books. I just wish I had some active friends on the site. I mostly like to read mysteries but lately I've been reading a lot of different stuff. I'm not a big fan of romance but a little bit isn't bad. I've been reading more YA lately and started reading some steampunk. I'm not big on grabbing the new releases. I like to wander used book stores and see what catches my eye and I like to get a good deal since I don't keep most books. I have only recently started to keep a few books or had to rebuy a book I gave away because I wanted to read it again.

updated to add my user id for pbs. darkcoffeeclouds

message 47: by Luella (new)

Luella Hey all,

I'm not super active on PBS anymore but that is because I am trying to downsize. I love to track the book as it travels around the country and its territories. It is pretty neat :)

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