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message 1: by Seth (last edited Oct 05, 2008 03:29PM) (new)

Seth (ninjaaaaaofwritingbooks) Toli/Tolk/Toll lives in a society in which people have two souls. These two souls are opposites of eachother. They can talk to them in their mind. When they get mad at each other, they get in fights with themselves. It is like self mutilation, but not. Also, the people can love someone for one day, then hate them the next day because of the opposite-ness. One thing. Toli/Tolk/Toll only has one soul.

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (mashley310) Interesting idea... yeah, i like it.

message 3: by Leiko (new)

Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) cool idea i have one like it

message 4: by Seth (new)

Seth (ninjaaaaaofwritingbooks) which name do you like best?

message 5: by Leiko (new)

Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) Tolk definatly tolk

message 6: by Seth (new)

Seth (ninjaaaaaofwritingbooks) oh okay

message 7: by Leiko (new)

Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) yay!

message 8: by T.O.L.I. (new)

T.O.L.I. (taleoflostink) yea i like tolk best!!!

message 9: by Seth (new)

Seth (ninjaaaaaofwritingbooks) i still need more imput. I just want it to start with "Tol"

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