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Skating reveals the mind of man

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Moments of Kabir (momentsofhafiz) | 1 comments Ever read the pages froma abok called the mind of man? It represents the ignored research of dozens of researchers from over the past 150 years that indicate an absolutely profound potential for the unconcious mind.
Skateboarding truly shows there is more to the mind that what they are telling us. I mean come on, look at the board flow, the freestyle, the vert, the pool skating..... Handrails...Geeeeeezzzzz


Ok, So now you have met namasteezy... Get to know the artistry that stands for more than images and party.....

For example, check out myg's new track, he talks about his days spent skating..........

Check i already got it, ever heard that in skate circles when talking about tricks?

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Stephen (slosi1111) | 3 comments i can almost do a kickflip

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Stephen (slosi1111) | 3 comments this is a booring group:(

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Stephen (slosi1111) | 3 comments i will invite you all to my group

woever skates is welcome here

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Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) Join this Website! It's By my lil' bro Thomas!

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Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) It's a Skateboard site!

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