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Twilight Roleplay!

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Helllo everybody.........

So this is a roleplay. im assuming most of u know what that is. and so anyway you cant be the actual people such as bella edward etc.


1. you can be a werewolf, vamp, or human.... or you can get turned into one during the roleplay.
2. lets keep it appropriate PLZ! thanks
3. no swearing unless ur character does it.

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anyway i shall make my character now.....

Name: Rhiana
Nickname: Rhi Rhi
Gender: Girl
Apperance: Brown hair, big brown eyes. wears trendy clothes, and wears contacts.
Age: 17
Birthday: December 28th 1990
Lives: Apartemt
Status: Human
BF or Gf: Not yet but wants one
Know about vamps and were wolves?: Yes

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Keyanah (drizzleherb-peacelover) | 6 comments Hi, Tianna!

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