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Heron | 52 comments All I remember is a young girl, who meets an older man (in a rather scandalous manner, to my young 12-year-old man) who owns a huge grey wolf hound. They may have met on the set of a play, or perhaps a movie? Also, she and her mother eat steak tartare with raw eggs.
Any thoughts?

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Laura (laurahogan) | 72 comments That's "Mom, the Wolfman, and Me" by Norma Klein. The plot is actually that the girl's mother, who is single and was never married, meets a man who she later marries, and the book is largely about the girl's ambivalent feelings over her mother's relationship with the guy and the impending marriage. (The girl's name is Brett, btw.) Also, the mother and the future stepfather actually meet backstage at a fashion show, in a quite non-scandalous manner (Theo, the boyfriend, has a dog who's appearing the the show, and the mother stops by to visit her friend, who also has dogs appearing in the show).

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Heron | 52 comments Perfect! Thank you!

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