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Any suggestions for making my villain believable?
Stacy Stacy Aug 09, 2011 09:15PM
This book was great for understanding the Hero. But does anyone know of a good book for understanding and developing a believable Villain?

Stacy - check out "The Power Of The Dark Side" by Pamela Jaye Smith. I haven't read it yet but it's on my shelf and it's next. Looks very promising for your need to create a believable villain.

I think the best villains have at least one good quality. A completely nasty, unredeemable villain belongs in comic books. Give your readers a reason to feel empathy for the villain, too.

To me, the perfect villain is the grandmotherly babushka, with a big happy smile that is the leader of a Russian mob. What could be more frightening than a warm and loving grandmother that order a hit on a rival family. I like the unexpected villain.

Try "Inside Story; the Power of the Transformational Arc" by Dara Marks. This is a really great book for making your characters come to life on the page!

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