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Susan i was very is a collection of short stories all connected..the people involved only seem to drink and do drugs (maybe this is good??!!) i saw no redeeming features in them although this is a large portion of the population...
it was, however, quick reading on a long car trip...

message 2: by Mrfishscales (new)

Mrfishscales The people in this book drink. Their lives are full of bad choices and the living with them. Some of the choices are caused by the drinking, but most of them are caused by the same wounds to their psyches that led to the drinking in the first place.

I found many redeeming qualities in these characters. They were funny, tolerant, loyal, patient and occasionally even wise. Many of them have small lives, their size made apparent by the relative worldliness of some and the odd foray away from the immediate vicinity of the bar.

The characters are treated with great warmth by the author. They are forgiven for their failures and given a kind of tragi-comic nobility. If you know people like this you will smile to see their lives and ways captured so well in print. If you don't know people like this and finding nothing redeeming about them, then perhaps you lack one of their strongest traits: empathy.

Kris This was one of our book club selections; no one liked it.

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Mrfishscales Kris wrote: "This was one of our book club selections; no one liked it."

Why not?

Laura I loved it. I felt likke I know these people. Ripped right out of my local watering hole.

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