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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (fireweaver) | 332 comments in case anyone hasn't read the old fairy tale that this book takes some of it's central set-up from, here it is:

it's ornate and romantic in the French style, a very different feel to it than Holly Black's version.

message 2: by Marsha (new)

Marsha Moore (MarshaAMoore) | 6 comments Thanks! I didn't know there was a connection to a prior fairy tale. Will definitely take a look.


message 3: by KristenR (last edited Aug 14, 2011 03:35PM) (new)

KristenR (klrenn) | 127 comments Thanks! I plan on reading this on the plane tomorrow (I've been loading up my kindle for vacation reading) will be interesting to compare the two.

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