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message 1: by Cecilie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:08PM) (new)

Cecilie | 12 comments I am trying to put the whole list in on this side. it may take some time, but i will try to do it tonight (i am bored :P) I think i will be done in a week or two. one of the books i just found on dutch but it is called Aithiopika and is written by Heliodorus. it was published in 1534 but written 250. I will write here if it is more books that i do not find :)

message 2: by Cecilie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:14PM) (new)

Cecilie | 12 comments Det röde rummet is called the red room in english

message 3: by Cecilie (new)

Cecilie | 12 comments hey guys! now i have added 999 books. the only problem is that i do not now wich books i have not added. i will go through all of the books, but i will thank everybody if they could find the books if i dont find them!

and i hope you are grateful now :P

message 4: by Cecilie (new)

Cecilie | 12 comments there! 1001 books :D

message 5: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimbobo) Fantastic!! You get a virtual gold star!! thank you so much!

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