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message 1: by Vita (new)

Vita (retro_librarian) | 38 comments I saw it last Friday. It was great!

Who else has seen it? What did you think?

message 2: by Allison (new)

Allison (theallisonnelson) | 31 comments My roommate and I just saw it last night - I thought it was good (the acting was awesome) but I kept wishing it followed the book a little more!

message 3: by Doug (new)

Doug | 50 comments Mod
I can't wait to see the movie - a little disappointing to hear that it doesn't follow the book more - :)Doug

message 4: by Doug (new)

Doug | 50 comments Mod
Lynn, I still haven't seen message in a bottle - I agree though that often if you separate the novel from the movie it is fine, as long as they are both good. I did that with "A Walk to Remember" - I think I would have preferred it to be closer to the novel, but I still loved the film (any film that makes me cry must be good). -:)Doug

message 5: by Farzan (new)

Farzan (persianguy1983) | 86 comments Doug, I suggest you watch "Letters to God", it's great and profound movie.

Jess | A Book to Remember  (abooktoremember_jess) Like Lynn said, I can also enjoy the movies and books separate from each other because they aren't going to be the same and both can be good!

I have seen all the Nicholas Sparks movies (A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Message in a Bottle, Dear John, The Last Song, and Nights in Rodanthe)and read and own all Sparks novels :) For me, I think that Nights in Rodanthe was the worst out of them. I like both Diane Lane and Richard Gere, it just wasn't as moving... and I didn't like the actress that played the daughter, she wasn't good! My favorites (as in the movies) are A Walk to Remember and the Notebook and I am looking forward to the Lucky One that will be coming out next year sometime!! I wish they would make The Guardian into a movie, and well all of his books into movies!

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