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message 1: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10095 comments Mod
The halloween time is upon us, and nothing says halloween more than curling up with a scary book!

Discuss away, and please refrain from spoilers. We have a seperate folder for that! Happy reading!

message 2: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 714 comments I haven't started yet but was reading a discussion question ( I think from the link posted here) that asked how you read the book, did you just go in order or did you read it differently. To those who have already read it-did you just read it in order or did you skip around? I would never have though to do anything other than read it in order but the question made me wonder if it should be done differently.

message 3: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (countessofblooms) | 1128 comments I read it in order, I didn't even think of skipping around. Why would you skip around? The story is in the order it is meant to be read in. I wonder if the question was referring to the footnotes and the mixing of the two story lines? I think the story progresses well (and the fear escalates best) when you're reading both concurrently.

message 4: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments Thanks for the update, Logan. My plan is to finish Dracula this week and start House of Leaves this weekend. I'll plan to read the book and footnotes at the same time. Any other pointers?

Just to clarify, this is a work of fiction, right?

message 5: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (countessofblooms) | 1128 comments Ohhhhh Ikiwiki, that is the question isn't it? That doubt about whether it's real or not, whether the documentary is real or not- that's what haunted me the most.

message 6: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 714 comments I just went back and read the question. It says "did you read page by page or Zampano's text then Truants?" I haven't read more than the introduction but I figured I would just read page by page. Thanks for the tip about the story building as you read both at once.

message 7: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments Oooh, Logan! You are a meany! :-)~

message 8: by Ann from S.C. (new)

Ann from S.C. | 1395 comments I am starting this tonight...after midnight...just to get into the scary mood....And I will be reading it page by page. Even though it has all kinds of weird stuff in it...

message 9: by Karey (new)

Karey (kareyshane) | 17 comments I'm going to have to pass on curling up with a scary book. I read Amityville Horror when I was in junior high. Then, one night my brother snuck into my room with a pair of red-lensed glasses with flashlights behind them, so they looked like the eyes of the red-eyed pig. I was terrified, and, well, since then, I just don't do scary.

message 10: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments Oh, Karey! Your brother is absolutely horrid! I wouldn't be able to read scary then either.

I will finish Dracula tonight or tomorrow. I simply must! I'm ready for House!!!!

message 11: by Julianne (new)

Julianne | 314 comments I was iffy about House of Leaves--just didn't really hear much about the plot, so I wasn't terribly intrigued. Heard positive stuff from people here (and it's an Oct read), so I said "okay, I'll get it".

Well, came in the mail the other day. I flipped to a random page to jam a bookmark inside, and did a double-take when I saw the blank pages, footnotes, boxes of text, different fonts, etc.

I think this is moving to the tippie-top of my TBR list. I was gonna read the Bourne Identity first, but now I can feel House of Leaves calling to me.............

message 12: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (countessofblooms) | 1128 comments Yay, Julianne! Danielewski does trippie things with language the likes of which most authors can never conceive of.

message 13: by Kristina (new)

Kristina | 33 comments I hadn't heard much about the book or what it was about either. I wasn't terribly excited to read it, but decided to get for discussion. I am very intrigued now myself. I flipped through it and read the book jacket and now I'm excited to start it tonight.

message 14: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments Agreed... I didn't know much about House, in fact I had never heard of it, until I joined GR. Then my interest was piqued and I had to rush to the bookstore and see what the hub-bub was about.

One flip through the book was enough to draw me in - blank pages, words split between pages, upside text, backwards, text, footnotes, the looks of newspaper clippings and telephone transcripts, etc.

I just need to get off GR, finish work, finish Dracula and then I'm all game.

message 15: by Pamela (new)

Pamela OH!!! I am SO GLAD we are reading this. I am RE-reading this book and can FINALLY get some other people's thoughts and reactions. This was the only book I TOTALLY freaked myself out about reading at night. And I've read horror. It gave me a Blair Witch Project feel....or urban legend. And you read there are stories the author tells....of love, of marriage, of angst, of physics. All of which can reflect on your daily life. can something so BIG look so small on the outside...kind of thing. Keep reading and don't over-analyze. Flow with the book...because it will take you there as the story progresses. This is going to be a great discussion. OH! And don't be afraid if you can't read it at night......OOO---OOO---OOOOOOOO SHIVERS!!!

message 16: by Julianne (new)

Julianne | 314 comments Pamela,

Thanks for your input. I'm having a hard time getting into it (not a fair assessment, since I'm only on p. 25). Both authors have foreshadowed enough to keep me interested in the story. But...I'm reading page by page, and been through at least a couple long footnotes that make me forget my place in the base story. I'm pretty sure that's the point, but it means I can't read it while my toddler's running circles around me-I get too confused.

I still think (based on reviews) I'm gonna really like it!!! Any ideas when a good time is to jump to the spoilers section? Should I (we) wait until the end to join in those discussions?

message 17: by Kristina (new)

Kristina | 33 comments I was wondering the same thing about the spoiler section. I wish we could have the book conversations divide up some how so we don't have to wait till we are finished with the book in order to discuss it.

message 18: by Ann from S.C. (new)

Ann from S.C. | 1395 comments I said I was going to read this page by page, but now that i am into it a bit, I seem to find myself reading the main story, then going back to the footnotes, then to the narrators footnotes...ot thoughts... You cna't just put this book down and go fold a load of laundry. You have to finish a chapter, then go. Interesting.

message 19: by Kathy (new)

Kathy  (readr4ever) | 510 comments I do hope I get to this book. I'm reading Dracula now, and my reading time is down from what I did have available. I think maybe I can make up some time in the next week. Anyway, I bought House of Leaves for my son a few years ago because of its unusual format and quirkiness. My son, who is now 21, is rather a quirky, wonderful kid. He just started reading it recently, and I'm afraid he might have taken it back to school with him. I will have to look in his room today and see.

message 20: by Jen (new)

Jen | 278 comments Ann, you are so right. The book completely sucks you in. I can only read it during the day because it's freaking me out but when I read it, it's so hard to put down. The last few days I've fallen asleep while reading and wake up from the nap angry that I wasted my reading time.

message 21: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments I just finished the Introduction and it certainly sets a tone.

So here's the question... My hubby is out of town the next two weeks and I'm a big horror wuss. Do I go ahead a keep reading or should I wait until he's back?

I should note, whether he's around or not, he works night shift so it's always me and our labradors snuggling in the evening.

message 22: by Ann from S.C. (new)

Ann from S.C. | 1395 comments I just finiahed it.... I think....

message 23: by Jen (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 110 comments I can't wait to start this book! I'm hoping to finish the book I'm currently reading by this weekend. I have borrowed this book from the library, but the more I hear about it, the more I want to go out and buy it.

message 24: by Diana (new)

Diana (missdi) I think I'm with Julianne - all the back and forth between footnotes and main story is a bit confusing. Right now I'm not that enamored with it but I'm hoping the action picks up.

message 25: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) I loved it! It totally creeped me out!!!

message 26: by Jaime (new)

Jaime | 163 comments Yay...Just finished my other book so I can finally start this tonight...

message 27: by Jen (new)

Jen | 278 comments This is one of the best horror books that I have read (granted, I haven't read many). It isn't a typical horror. It reminds me of the movie Blair Witch Project. There wasn't any pop-out-and-scare-you moments nor were there any horrible images. The fear was based on planting these seeds of doubt and watching the characters fall apart. It is genius and I love the footnotes. For me, it can be confusing, but I think that is part of the seed planting(for lack of a better word/phrase). It just slowly allows you to see each individual (the Navidsons, Zampano, Truant) fall apart, and it gives you pieces of each story slowly forming the complete picture.

Ikiwiki - What did you decide on? I sleep next to my husband and I haven't been able to read it at night. I read it during the day and switch to something a little lighter in the evening. I'm not crazy about reading two books simultaneously but that's the only way I'll get through it sanely.

Diana - Has it gotten any better for you? I wouldn't say the action picks up, so I hope it doesn't continue to drag for you.

message 28: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments Jen - I decided to wait. I haven't been sleeping well anyway, and the only time I really get to read is in the evening when it's getting dark outside. With hubby gone and the house all quite-like, it's just not something I can do right now. I have every intention of picking it back up...

message 29: by Jen (new)

Jen | 278 comments Ikiwiki - I think that's very wise! There's no way I could read this without many people at home and even then, it has to be daylight. :)

message 30: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments So it really gets that under the skin? Hmm...

message 31: by Kristina (new)

Kristina | 33 comments I'm still waiting for it to get scary and I'm in the 400's. I mean it's eerie and confusing, but it hasn't really scared me so far.

message 32: by Catamorandi (new)

Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) | 1045 comments I'm around 150 pages, and it is not scary. It is very weird and eerie, but I can't call it scary. I am reading page by page by the way.

message 33: by Julianne (new)

Julianne | 314 comments Operandi and Kristina,

I agree. Every time I would start to get creeped out, Johnny would tell a story and my heart would stop racing and I couldn't even remember what was going on...

weird, eerie, confusing, all good adjectives.

Now, HP Lovecraft I had to move from my bedroom b/c he scared me so bad. And usually I won't read Stephen King at night either.

message 34: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments I picked it back up this morning (sick day from work) and have been reading off and on. I've made it to chapter four and so far I'm not freaked out. We'll see what happens as I continue along and as it gets dark outside...

message 35: by Kate Shrew (new)

Kate Shrew (kateshrew) | 10 comments I'd never heard of House before GR, but I got it and jumped it to top of the pile. In general, I don't do scary, but something about this one intrigued me. I'm about 50 pages in and I'm hooked. It's really compelling. I'm right before bed reader and I'm a bit concerned about what it's going to do to my head. Anyone who's already read it have nightmares from this one???

message 36: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 1000 comments I started this last night. I'm still on the prologue, but I'm just glad to get going.

message 37: by Jen (new)

Jen | 278 comments Yah Kate Shrew! I'm so glad someone is feeling the same way. I have had a few nightmares with this one. I've also found myself taking a second look at things in the house at night. This book has been pretty intense for me. I think it's an imagination thing. The book has planted a few seeds and my mind has just taken off with it.

message 38: by Jen (new)

Jen | 278 comments RE: The read straight through vs. skip around question. For what it is worth, I have read this straight through with the exception of the letters from Truant's mother and the pictures in the back (the artists' representations, etc.). I think reading the letters when the book suggests (there is a footnote that directs you to the appendix at some point) is very helpful in developing Truant's character.

message 39: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 714 comments I started this morning and haven't made it much past the introduction but so far I feel like I'm drunk or on something and trying really hard to concentrate on something but still missing it. Hmm..that's probably the point, isn't it?

message 40: by Julianne (new)

Julianne | 314 comments Joanie,

Good synopsis. And, Jen I think you may be right. I read the appendices at the end, but they may have been better used if I read in the appropriate place.

message 41: by alicia (new)

alicia grant (shesha34) Oh boy just picked up my copy and skimmed through the last Twilight book so i could start this tonight.getting my butt off th ecomp soon to start yeah.

message 42: by Krista (new)

Krista (findyourshimmy) | 382 comments I've made it to Chapter 4 and am homing to make another good dent tonight. Hubby was home for the weekend and now he's gone again for the week. We'll see how far I get before I get weirded out.

message 43: by alicia (new)

alicia grant (shesha34) Okay this book was really not what i was expecting.For me all the footnotes was to distracting.I gave up and did not care for the feel of the book.

message 44: by Jaime (new)

Jaime | 163 comments So I have been reading all the footnotes as I have been going along and some of them say "See exhibit B" or whatever...then I get to the one that says "See Chapter XIII"...Now I am starting to think that maybe I was not supposed to read that yet and that it may have been pretty stupid of me to do so. But @ the same time why does it say that if I wasnt supposed to???...I don't know but I am hoping that it doesnt totally ruin the rest of the book for me (then again, if it does, I guess its my own fault...)

message 45: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (countessofblooms) | 1128 comments Trust the book, Jaime. Danielewski will lead you where you need to go.

message 46: by Jaime (new)

Jaime | 163 comments Ok, thanks...after reading it I just wasn't sure...Makes me feel better to know that its alright :-)

message 47: by Kate Shrew (new)

Kate Shrew (kateshrew) | 10 comments I started the straight read through, footnotes and all, but found the footnotes too much about half way through. I finished the main story and am now going back to where I left off in the footnotes.

Jen- Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one dreaming and looking over my shoulder at dark corners. The cats made a noise last night while I was reading and I just about jumped out of my skin.

I'm a scary-story lightweight and I'm not ashamed!!!

message 48: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 1000 comments So...I'm 120 pages in and I just feel like I am reading a textbook. I borrowed this book from work and it's due back on Saturday. Please tell me it gets better and it will be worth my time to see if I can get an extension on my book loan.

message 49: by Catamorandi (new)

Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) | 1045 comments I am on about 350 pages into it. I am not scared, frightened, or afraid in the least. What I am, though, is WEIRDED OUT, a touch of EERINESS, CONFUSION, and BORED OUT OF MY MIND. However, I told myself that I was going to read it all the way through when I started it, so I guess it is onward march for me.

message 50: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) I read this book a few years ago and loved it. The "wierdness" of the book, footnotes, etc.....are all proof of Johnny's losing his mind. Even though he hasn't been to the house, reading the manuscripts and researching the house, has driven him crazy. It's like the power of the house has gotten to him. Believable or not, it's not supposed to be logical and I think thats what creeped me out.

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