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(starting in late starting or so)

I dropped the flashlight, it clammered to the old wooden floors below, the wolf growled at me. Ms. Miyer lay on the floor, her body half covered with blood, my necklace is still hung around her neck. As it took a step to me, I saw the bloody paw prints, and screamed for my life, Mr. Granger shortly thereafter came running up the stairs. "Good heavens girl, what's the-" He stopped beside me, and lost his breath, the silver fur shimmered as the wolf creeped closer. "Move Luna!" He pushed me out of the way, and slammed the door shut. The wolf hit into the door, and scratched to get out, "Call 9-1-1, hurry!" I ran to the front room, and picked up the phone. "Help, our Director is dead from a wolf!" "Calm down, now where are you?" "Cressle-beak orphanage." I dropped the phone as the door was opened. "Miss?" The 9-1-1 respondee asked. "Miss? Hello?"

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Koori no hi I screamed as I saw the wolf crash past the door Mr. Granger was trying to hold closed. "Don't move!" he yelled. the wolf didn't even seem to hear him, it only had eyes for me. it stood, lingering, halfway through the doorway, staring, WHAM! MR. Granger had tride to slam the door on it. but the wolf was too fast and the door slammed closed instead.
in less than a second a wolf too huge to be real, but too frighteningly realistic to be fake was standing inches from me, staring, a low growl rumbling in its chest.

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Koori no hi "Hello?" I heard the operater, still on the phone.
"Hurry, help," I whispered. The wolf stood over me, I was too scared to do anything, I don't even know if I was breathing or not. I closed my eyes. If I was going to die here, I didn't want to see any more blood, especially if it was mine.
I could feel it's breath on my face, then suddenly, the huge wolf grabbed my shirt in his mouth and started carrying me back toward the room where Ms. Miyer lay bloody & dead on the floor. I closed my eyes again, I didn't want to see this! my legs were being dragged through the broken windowsill, the glass tore long strips of skin from my legs, as the wolf pulled me out the window. then he started running, still carrying my by my shirt, towards the wildlands at the end of town.

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Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) | 855 comments ((scary))

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Koori no hi ((Somebody post something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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