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Friends !!!!
Be serious , tell your dreams , we are waiting...

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Monica Brooke | 1 comments My dream is to be inspired by everything and to be inspiring. I dream of giving love to everyone through art.
Also, I'm writing a book based on a dream I had. I add a little every day.

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Nilam Wulandari (Nilam_Wulandari) | 2 comments About dreams.........
Hmm.. I will tell you guys...
Many thing already happen to me whenever I have dream in my sleep, some of my dream are come true..
Its such kind of guidelines-hint. One example. Last night I dream about one of my friend-I called him Ilham. The next day I am chatting with Iman's friend I called Jessy.
"Jessy last night I dreamed about Ilham, he will go to japan".
"Hi..you are right Ilham will go to Japan next year on April 2008 for 1 year".
Hmmm..guys..cannot believe that one...thats true..
That is the only one example.

Other example when I am in Senior High School and I take an exams.
I can answer all the question and I can predict my score. I have all the answer and key thorough the dream...

Believed or not...its up to you..hehehe...

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Reny (renny3108yahoocom) | 2 comments Dream...dream..dream...i have a lot of dream!! I keep dreaming everyday,not only in my sleep,but also when i'm reading,i'm walking,i'm eating,i'm working,i'm thinking...why? because dream of anyhting can make me felt happy everyday!! I Still dreaming to be a writer when i wrote this!

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Ashley (samuraigurl91) | 3 comments i have a lot of dreams, and one day no matter how hard it is, i'm gonna live my life the way i want to.

one of my dreams is to be an architect and maybe either interior design. well that is when i get good results and get accepted to college.

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