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Movie to be released in 2008

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Rebecca According to imdb: Neil Gaiman told the audience at a reading in Hamburg (Germany) on March 21st that the music will be by "They Might Be Giants".


Cast list and additional info can be found on imdb:

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Hag of the Dribble Wonderful! I can't wait!

Brigid ✩ omigosh, i'm so glad it's going to be a movie. it better be as good as the book, 'cause the book is one of my all-time's amazing.

Clare D' Lune Whoa.... that is gonna be one interesting movie alright.... lol good book!

Becky If the directors do anything like what they did for Neil's Mirror Mask, this should be an amazing movie!!!! The book was just as well written, and weird. It reminded me a bit of the monsters in Pan's Laberyinth so I think there might be hope!

Jessie Oh wow! Really?! The book was great! I hope that the movie is just as good! I want to see that!
Jess <><

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Hey guess what? My mom and I recorded a demo for the Coraline movie with They Might Be Giants! (some shameless self promotion: anyone here who is a TMBG fan, I'm on their new kids album, Here Come the 123s, and I do backups on I think 5 tracks, and I'm the lead singer on the track one dozen monkeys, AND for anyone who lives in the long island area and either a) is a little kid, b) knows a little kid, or c) has a little kid should come to the Disney Block Party Tour performance at Nassau Coloseum, where TMBG will be doing a few tracks, including one dozen monkeys with me!, and its hosted by RAVEN~SYMONE! go to for info! whew. okay so sorry thats totally unrelated to coraline, which by the way is a great book, but i just thought id get that out there!) I CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE TO COME!!!

Becky Hannah that's awesome! My son LOVES the 123's we sing it all the time!

Still can't wait for the movie it can't be as creepy as mirror mask!

Ivy_359 Wow! no one has posted in years!!!

Vickie SAw that movie in 3D it was great!

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the movie was great!

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