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Asma (wildbirdmom) | 3188 comments Mistress Oriku: Stories from a Tokyo Teahouse by Matsutaro Kawaguchi, trans by Royall Tyler (Translator) and awarded the Yoshikawa Eiji Prize, is a collection of stories. The main character in them is Mistress Oriki, a former mistress and madam at the Silver Flower. Deciding to leave that life and being still young, she builds the Shigure Teahouse outside Tokyo during the Meiji period. The out-of-the-way restaurant, made even more remote during the beautiful winters, prospers in the summers through her many friends among the kabuki actors. "Life on the Sumida River", the first story, tells of Oriku's background and philosophy of living. At her teahouse, she becomes the focal point, the one whom other characters come for advice.

If you only want to enjoy the stories and do not want to delve into Japanese culture, then you need only read these stories and perhaps other translated stories in the Japanese Literature Publishing Project. If you want to inquire into the names, places, and such of Japanese culture, then you can find a lot here from which to begin.

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