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Accountability for War Crimes?

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Coalbanks "This is a stunning narrative that finally sheds light on a misunderstood war for which no one has yet been held officially accountable."

WHEN is anyone held accountable for war crimes? THIS war? What about all of the other wars/rebellions/domestic insurrections, call-them-what-you-will? The prosecutions for war crimes after WWII was the exception to the rule which is that there is no accountability for so-called war crimes which today are labelled "collateral damages", accidents due to the "fog & haze of war". CRIMES? Only in a few rare cases ie Bosnia, Rwanda are such acts prosecuted. Maybe a few insurgent Arabs in Iraq will be prosecuted but don't look for there to be any prosecutions of the coalition forces for "collateral damages".

P.arthur In this case they certainly were. It's a pitiful amount but symbolically (and as a legal precedent) highly significant. Impossible to bring everyone to account, but I think it's difficult to argue that it's still the exception to the rule, and will hopefully become the norm:

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