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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex Brown (dramaking1227) | 2 comments Mod
Has anyone read or seen any good plays recently?

message 2: by Claire (new)

Claire (browneyedgirl17) Well...I haven't really SEEN any new plays lately, but I was in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and I thought it was pretty good!

message 3: by Sasha (new)

Sasha (sashanita) | 5 comments hi people, is this group still alive?

Well, i guess I will see if I get any responses.... I need some help finding a play that is modern and has at least 4 females and 4 males character ages around 22 to 40...

please I help :D

message 4: by Claire (new)

Claire (browneyedgirl17) There is the female version of the Odd Couple that has about 5 females but only 2 males.

There is also the musical Curtains which is pretty new and a really fun show. If a musical is what your looking for or course!

message 5: by Alex (new)

Alex Brown (dramaking1227) | 2 comments Mod
I just read/watched "The Beaux Stratagem" and it was wonderful!

message 6: by Sasha (new)

Sasha (sashanita) | 5 comments We have more males in our group then females so those won't work, but thanx for the suggestion claire :)

message 7: by Claire (new)

Claire (Chefboots) Hi guys...I am a SM for a performing arts school. we do amazing productions and cool little things. what do you do for local theatre?

message 8: by Sasha (new)

Sasha (sashanita) | 5 comments Hey, anyone know a great drama-comedy scene two females ages 25yr and 30yr?

message 9: by Claire (new)

Claire (Chefboots) nope sorry but for what?

message 10: by Sasha (new)

Sasha (sashanita) | 5 comments for an audition. I'm looking for a scene that can show a range of emotions in 3-5 min....

message 11: by Claire (new)

Claire (Chefboots) thats cool. i was stage manager for two events this past year...

message 12: by Sasha (new)

Sasha (sashanita) | 5 comments which theater?

message 13: by Claire (new)

Claire (Chefboots) i go to a performing arts high school that is associated with the palace in ct. we did once upon a mattress and then we did a benefit concert with local artists

message 14: by Lydia (new)

Lydia :) (darknessandnothingness) | 2 comments Well, I've been in several amazing plays before. My favorite role I've ever played is definaetly Belle in Beauty and the Beast. I met a lot of great friends there. I also did another really funny musical, Dracula Baby, with a lot of great music in it. Dracula tries to turn good so that he can find a girlfriend, and hilarity ensues. :D

message 15: by Claire (new)

Claire (Chefboots) Oh wow that does sound funny I should look it long have you been acting?

message 16: by Lydia (new)

Lydia :) (darknessandnothingness) | 2 comments I've been acting since I was maybe seven or eight years old, actually, haha. I'm fourteen now. What about you?

message 17: by Claire (new)

Claire (Chefboots) I was in a few shows, my freind Jill is the real actress! I am more interested in(and better) at backstage stuff like lights and sound...

message 18: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (emptyharmony) | 1 comments I was in the Pirates of Penzance with my school in May, but I haven't been performing much this summer, which is sad.

message 19: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Hoover | 1 comments Claire, I saw you are more a backstage person just like me. I usually volunteer as a stage manager and next month I'll be starting to work on "Barefoot in the Park". Has anyone else been involved in the show before or at least read it?

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