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Help Me Say Sorry to Stephenie Meyers(Midnight Sun)

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Sabrina The rumor is that sm isn't going to write Midnight Sun anymore cause someone leaked the first 12 chapters. If you can help me I'm trying to say sorry to stephienie meyers but I need everyones help.

So please if you want Midnight Sun I don't know that It will help but pass this around to your freinds, post it on your myspace, post it on your fanfiction accounts, post it on your sites wherever.

If SM sees enough people doing it she might start writing again.

Arya I don't have a My Space, but I'll post on my blog. How could someone do that to her? and to US!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!!!

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Joann Sabrina, although I share your distress that Midnight Sun might not be published for a long while if at all, I have to ask: why are you apologizing? Did you leak the book? NO! (At least I don't think you did- do you have a confession to make?) Who leaked the book? Someone SM gave the book to. SM has every right to be mad at that person and mad at herself for giving it to them, but should she be punishing us? We are the people who love her books, spend gobs of money making her rich, put her at the top of the best seller lists. I see this as a little temper fit by SM. I think she is treating her fans quite shabbily. Even if you read the first 12 chapters online did you really hurt her? I think anyone who read them would be more likely to buy the completed book when it was published. Not having read them you might think: why would I want to buy the same story again. But the book was magical and gave you greater insight into Edward's character. Other than a betrayal by the person who went to all the trouble to scan each page and post them on the internet, she has not been hurt. I feel her anger is a result of this leak on top of the less than stellar reception for Breaking Dawn. I contend that she has done more damage to herself by alienating fans with her announcement. At the end of her posting she says that she really appreciates her fans, but actions speak louder than words. I understand that it is her book to write or not write, but we also decide what we will buy or not buy. At this point, I might not buy Midnight Sun if and when it comes out.

Sabrina Thank you and no I didn't leak midnight sun....:) In fact I didnt even know about it until I saw a girl on said she did. The girl also said that we should post what I posted here and that it might help. So I don't know :( maybe it will help a little to no she is appreciated.

One of my freinds has start a petion group on this site in hopes that it will help a little. I hope that it does.

Corinne on her website,, it says she'll continue writing it. it says it's her next project. so stop worrying.

Tamlynn I think that Stephenie Meyer is just going to take this at her own pace. She has been hurt to see her story out before she wanted it to.
I too want to see Midnight Sun out on the shelf and start seeing Edward's version, but Stephenie needs time to heal.

I think we should let her work this out for herself and hopefully one day, she will return to Midnight Sun for the loyal fans.

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