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Please help Me Say Sorry To Stephenie Meyer(Midnight Sun)

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Sabrina The rumor is that sm isn't going to write Midnight Sun anymore cause someone leaked the first 12 chapters. If you can help me I'm trying to say sorry to stephienie meyers but I need everyones help.

So please if you want Midnight Sun I don't know that It will help but pass this around to your freinds, post it on your myspace, post it on your fanfiction accounts, post it on your sites wherever.

If SM sees enough people doing it she might start writing again.

PandaRanda Why do you need to apologize, unless you were the one who leaked it? I suppose if you feel guilty for being one of those who read it when it was initially leaked you would want to apologize...but you don't really need to apologize for something like that...I don't think apologizing will make her write it. Encouragement perhaps, but empty apologies? I say, let her explore other things, and come back to Midnight Sun once she's in the right frame of mind. No point in pushing her to do something that has been tarnished.

Sabrina I got the leagal copy when she put it on her site. Im not trying to push her it is a suggestion from another writer to apogize.

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Kat Helgeson Sabrina - it sounds like you acted appropriately. I don't think your apology would make much difference to Meyer, since you never did anything wrong in the first place.

As for me, I didn't leak the copy and I didn't read the leaked copy, so I don't have anything to apologize for.

Also, I'm not going to beg Meyer to write. There are thousands of other books out there.I enjoyed hers, but if she's done writing them, that's her decision.

Sabrina Thanks anyway

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