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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments Teresa stepped onto the train. In her shaking hand she held the maple leaf her sister had given her as they had said good bye. Right before she had left her sister had whispered one thing in her ear 'Use your secret weapon and then come home to me.' Teresa and her sister often joked that her hunting abilities were her secret weapon since they had kept the family alive. Her sister would sometimes say these words before she went out to hunt.

Jerry stepped onto the train. He had managed not to cry but now the tears were threatening to come. You are not going to cry in front of a girl, especially not Teresa. He thought to himself. Teresa was the kind of girl that didn't cry no matter what.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments Teresa spun around to see Jerry. She hadn't really payed any attention to his name being called since her name had already been called. She had been in shock mode and hadn't heard his name being called. "Hi Jerry."

Jerry was shocked. Why would Teresa know his name? "Hi Teresa. This is a bit of a surprise, well good luck to you."

"Ya, you too." Teresa said.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments Jerry decided to explore the train a little. He found two identical rooms that he guesses were for him and Teresa. He walked down the hall and found himself on another car that had a table full of food. He looked back to where he had just come from "Teresa there's food down here." He said and then went over to the servant person. "Can we eat?" The servant person nodded and Jerry dug in.

Teresa heard Jerry and went to the car he was in. That isn't just any food! She thought to herself That's capitol food! She rushed over and started eating like she would never eat again.

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Damion and his prep team walked into the cabin. "Hmmm...we have some work ahead of us!" Sky said. Damion nodded slightly. He looked them over. Sky played with her bright blue hair. Krissa was studying her skin, which was a lavender purple.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments Teresa looked up and saw some weirdly dressed people who must be from the capitol. "Are you our stylists?" She asked.

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"Yes darling." Sky said. Krissa looked at Damion and they had a silent conversation. It went like: Krissa: We gonna make them be fire? Damion: Yes...only way...we can't have them going nude with coal like years was disturbing...we have to find what they show best. Venerability, sexiness, innocence... Krissa nodded. 'Can do.' She mouthed. "Darlings..." Sky made a tsk sound. "You make us work so hard..."

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "We don't make you work hard. The capitol makes you work hard to prepare us for their slaughter house. Just saying." Teresa said nonchalantly.

Jerry looked at Teresa nervously. Didn't she know that everything she said and did could be on tape here?

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"I wouldn't say such things about the capitol...mostly because from now on, they are always watching." Damion warned.

Sky turned to Jesse. "What to do with you..."

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "Ya whatever from now on I'll be the quiet little girl that is a piece of the capitol's game." Bridget said sarcastically. Honestly, all of the districts and the capitol knew what she was saying out loud was true so what did it matter? The worst they were gong to do was make her life a living hell in the arena, which was all ready guaranteed.

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"Fine...let there be less of a chance for you to survive...I just need to find what you show best." He walked around them. "Are you best at vulnerbility, sexiness, innocence, get the idea." He said. "Right now I'[m getting more of...a feisty vibe off of goes well with sexiness..."

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "Works for me. As long as I look good." Teresa said.

Jerry still didn't know what to say. Why was she acting so uncaring? Didn't she know this would get her in trouble?

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(teresa not bridget)
Damion chuckled slightly. "We aren't even close to the looking good part yet darling. First, we wax then pluck the rub then mosterize. That's just all for your skin. Then we cut your hair do your makeup, come up with the outfit and then finally you just might look good. But that's after we do your hair of course." He said smiling. The prep team laughed a little. "It's true." Sky said. "That's what we do!"

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments (( OOPS! ))

"As I said. As long as the end result is a good looking me, I don't care what you do." Teresa sighed.

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"Good...we just have to ask you a few questions...oka so these are for the both of you, What is your fave hobby?" Sky asked.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "Hobby? You do know we are from district 12 right? We don't have time for 'hobbies' there. Or at least I know I don't." Teresa said annoyed. She spent all her free time hunting in the woods but she wasn't about to tell them that.

Jerry decided to speak up "I like playing with my siblings." He offered.

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"Well...I meant like if you liked to draw or bake or something like that..."

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments (( AHH!! SORRY!! ))

"Well ya I love to draw when I have the time." Teresa nodded. The truth was she actually drew a lot. She drew the plants she found in the woods and sometimes she would even draw scenes in the woods if she had enough time after she had gotten enough food for her family.

"Me and my siblings like to sing. We sing in rounds although one of the younger ones normally messes up pretty quickly." Jerry said.

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They nodded to each other slightly. "That's going to be helpful for when they ask...Jerry you will sing a song...and Teresa will show them drawings she's perfect..." Damion said.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "Okay except I don't have any drawings with me." Teresa pointed out.

"Sing? In front of all off Panem? On live TV? Sounds like fun." Jerry said trying to hide the sarcasm in his voice.

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"You will when we draw some. Jerry...well would you rather make a fool out of yourself baking or drawing?"

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments (( BIBI ))

"Umm... I'll stick with singing." Jerry said.

"What do you mean when You draw some. I'm not taking credit for your work!" Teresa said.

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"Well...if you can draw better then a stylist go ahead be my guest. Draw something for me." Sky said. She turned to Jerry and smirked slightly. "I thought you would say that.."

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "Okay I will. Just give me some paper and charcoal." Bridget snarked.

Jerry looked down at his feet.

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Krissa handed her what she wanted.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments (( AH! ))

Teresa took the drawing supplies and walked into her room. Just one problem. She had never drawn any thing with out looking at it. She thought about the things she could draw. Maybe she could draw the pond in the woods, she could probably draw it from memory so she got to work.

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Damion took out some supplies as well and started to draw. It looked like a proffesional piece of art when he was done.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments Teresa Finished her drawing and brought it out into the main car. It was definitely one of her bests and she would love to show it to all of Panem. It might not exactly be at a professional level but it was pretty darn close and she was the one who drew it.

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Damion showed her his.
(lol i like the bold)

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments (( I gtg ))

Teresa Looked at Damion's and while she had to admit it was better than hers she still wouldn't want to take credit for it. "I'm either showing my drawing or I'm not showing any." She said showing him hers.

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"Fine. But...I can tell you what they want to see drawn..I know capitol and what they want and like.." Damion said.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "Fine I can draw a picture of whatever they want but I'm showing at least this one as well." Teresa said. She liked this drawing and she thought it was pretty good.

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'Okay. So we have yours set up. Now for your chariot ride..."

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "What are you thinking?" Jerry asked. He didn't want anything life threatening although something a little out of the ordinary would be good.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 96 comments Shia sat in the train with the tributes he was mentoring his 2nd Hunger Games he was the only surviving district 12 victor.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "I'm guessing you are our mentor." Teresa said turning to the person she recognized as Shia -their mentor- from the reaping.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 96 comments " Yes I am " said Shia very matter of factly.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "So what do you think we should do?" Jerry asked.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 96 comments " Im not sure I mean hiding like me doesnt always work so what is your personality " Shia asked

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"Something that has to do with fire...I mean your the coal district. We aren't going to have you naked with coal powder all over you bodies. That was just awkward. But...imagine you have the crowd stunned because you look just like fire...they are hooting and hollering and throwing flowers at you...that is what a audience likes. It makes the person an individual."

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "That sounds great." Teresa said to the stylist and then turned to Shia "The stylists decided I was fierce and sexy."

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 96 comments " Okay so when you have the interview I want you to seem eager for the games but also move your body and stuff in a sexy way " said Shia.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "Okay I can move my body but why do I have to be eager for the games?" Teresa asked.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 96 comments " Shows your fierce. " said Shia.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments "Fine." Teresa said.

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Damion and the stylists went into the corner and started talking about how they were going to do this.

(i already have teresas outfit and i know how jerrys is going to look i just cant find the right clothes or pic)

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments (( Okay!! ))

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(u wanna see it?)

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments (( YES!! ))

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