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drew (drewbeck) Riley arrived, and glanced at the stylist, Demi Horsse.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 96 comments Fredrick arrived and glanced at the girl tribute.

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drew (drewbeck) Riley smiled at Fredrick. "Hi, I am Riley, and this is Demi."

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 96 comments " Hey " he said

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drew (drewbeck) Riley nodded. "I remember you. . . . I think. . . Demi, whadda ya have planned for us?"

Demi smiled. "Glad you asked. My prep team is working on the hair, their names are Kristen, Taylor and Mary. But, for now, I have decided about the whole math thing. I will put you in a red and white plaid shirt, with suspenders on. Both of you. Mary, Kristen and Taylor will make alterations. I will also give you a pair of these." Demi smiled as she held up: ((Without the person!)).

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drew (drewbeck) Riley nodded at Demi. "Mmkay, sure. I can make those work. Question. Whose our mentor?"

At that moment, Rocky appeared, and smiled at Riley and Fredrick. He was holding three big plates of steaming hot food. Nodding, he placed one in front of Riley, one in front of Demi, and one near Fredrick.

"Wait!" Riley broke the silence that Rocky had brought. "What's your name? You never gave it!" She exclaimed, looking at Fredrick.

Rocky nodded, and left, but quickly returned with three smaller, but still big plates and gave them to Mary, Taylor and Kristen.

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drew (drewbeck) A female announcer came on. "Welcome to the capitol, young and older. Please exit through the double doors, and. . . .May the odds be EVER in your favor!" The last line is unusually high pitched.

Riley frowned. Her life was now suddenly much shorter.

Demi and her team glanced at each other. "Where's the mentor?" their gaze seemed to ask.

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