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message 1: by Clare K. R. (new)

Clare K. R. (clare-dragonfly) I've heard that airport security scanners can be a problem for the Kindle. Does anyone have experience with this? What do you do to protect your Kindle? It's been a while since I've been on a plane, and I didn't have a Kindle then!

message 2: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 365 comments my kindle has flown with me multiple times over the last few years since I got it (2008) stays in its cover in my bag...originally, I had to take it out for screening, similar to a laptop, but no more

message 3: by Terri (new)

Terri (clanmoran) | 77 comments I too have taken my Kindle on MANY air-flights! I have never had to even take it out of my purse or carry-on bag. Nothing has ever been damaged or bothered! I usually always have it on also---until the flight attendants make me turn it off!!!

message 4: by Brandon (new)

Brandon | 82 comments I took my kindle with me on my last trip, zero issues with security.

message 5: by Marina (new)

Marina (marina_roumpi) | 6 comments i've taken my Kindle to a trip to Barcelona without any problem, just put it in my handbag, not a soul noticed!

message 6: by Marina (new)

Marina (marina_roumpi) | 6 comments oh! and you can change the location and address of your kindle and you can download anything you want exactly where you are!

Ralph Gallagher | 327 comments Mod
I took mine on my trip to NJ and didn't have any problems with security. I left it in my backpack when it went through the scanner and there weren't any issues.

message 8: by Helen (new)

Helen I've been wondering the same. Also, how safe it is beside the pool, on the beach etc

message 9: by Annie (new)

Annie (agrunwe) As long as you don't drop it in the water, it's fine. Some people put theirs in a ziploc bag to protect it against sand and water, but I've never had a problem- and I spend several weeks at the beach every year.

message 10: by Clare K. R. (new)

Clare K. R. (clare-dragonfly) Thanks for the responses, everyone! I guess I was worrying for no reason. But I'm good at that ;0

message 11: by Kim (new)

Kim (kimmr) I've taken mine on quite a few flights with no problem at all. The painful part is not being able to read in the period when electronic devices are supposed to be switched off. Taking a book along for that bit of the trip seems to defeat the purpose of having the kindle. I have managed so far by reading the in-flight magazine and/or taking another magazine with me, but it's a bit annoying...

message 12: by Terri (new)

Terri (clanmoran) | 77 comments Kim wrote: "I've taken mine on quite a few flights with no problem at all. The painful part is not being able to read in the period when electronic devices are supposed to be switched off. Taking a book along ..."

Kim---I TOTALLY agree!!!

message 13: by Jessica (new)

Jessica I'm from Australia but am currently overseas - does this mean if I update my address I could buy ebooks that I cannot purchase in Australia??

message 14: by MsBeaglely (new)

MsBeaglely | 7 comments While I have never had any trouble with my Kindle at Security, my mother recently had an issue with a flight attendant on a Delta flight. The flight attendant was being a horses hind end to just about anyone with an electronic item, but she seemed to zero in on my mom's Kindle and made a big to do over it. She didn't consider the Kindle off because the screen savers were showing. However, on the return flight nothing was said about the Kindle. I guess how flight attendants treat the Kindles depends on how familiar they are with the technology.

message 15: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Actually, I don't think the screen saver has anything to do with the internet connection of the Kindle, and that's the problem airlines are concerned with. You can turn the 3G or WiFi off and still read a book on your Kindle, but the airline may not accept that. But with your connection on, screensaver or not, your Kindle could be connecting to the net and you don't know it.

message 16: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherielulu) | 16 comments Betsy wrote: "Actually, I don't think the screen saver has anything to do with the internet connection of the Kindle, and that's the problem airlines are concerned with. You can turn the 3G or WiFi off and stil..."

I took my kindle round trip on a vacation to Brazil. I only was told 2 out of my 4 flights to turn it off on the period. The one time the flight attendant asked me and I said it ran off a battery and she told it was fine to continue to use. So I'd say it just the luck of the draw with that one depends on the person, the airline and probably if they are in a good mood or not!

message 17: by Eric_W (last edited Jul 31, 2011 02:44PM) (new)

Eric_W (ericw) Some airlines are now issuing iPads for their pilots to use instead of the normal 25-30 lbs of maps, manuals etc. These would be on during flight, so why not Kindles, Nooks, etc. Too much inconsistency in application of theatrical rules. I've been on some flights where the announcement says turn off anything with an on/off switch.

"Rules" that are applied inconsistently will be ignored. That's not a good thing.

message 18: by Helen (new)

Helen I don't want them to allow mobiles on flights, it would be awful to be stuck for that length of time next to inane chatter.

message 19: by Mhairi (new)

Mhairi Simpson (mhairisimpson) | 106 comments I just flew to the States (and back) and had to turn my ipod touch off during take-off and landing. It's not just the internet connection - they want EVERYTHING turned off during those times. I've no idea how electrical things affect planes, especially during take-off and landing - I should probably ask my Dad, he's a pilot...

message 20: by Clare K. R. (new)

Clare K. R. (clare-dragonfly) Yes, as it turned out, the flight attendant insisted that we turn off anything with an on-off switch. Luckily, I came prepared with magazines.

message 21: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 365 comments from my understanding - its not so much the on-off switch issue, but the fact that something like 90% of airline mishaps happen in the take-off/landing phase and they want to make sure that you are paying attention to what is going on, not listening to music/reading a book

message 22: by Baker (new)

Baker | 1 comments Yes but I've never had them tell me to put my book away. So annoying.

message 23: by Eileen (new)

Eileen Schuh | 38 comments The stewardess asked me what it was. I said "a Kindle" and kept reading.

If a plane I'm on ever crashes during take-off or landing, you'll know who to blame.

message 24: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne | 11 comments I flew on 4 planes on my summer vacation and only flight attendant asked for me to turn off my Kindle.
They said to check the in-flight mag to see which electronic devices need to be turned off & e-readers weren't among them. So...after reading that info, I kept it on :)

message 25: by Elle (new)

Elle (louiselesley) The last time I flew some absolutely idiot made me take it out of its cover and inspected it like it was some sort of bomb.

I live in Northern Ireland and the guy acted like it was totally foreign. Obviously never saw a kindle before /:

And planes over here, every single thing that has an on/off switch NEEDS to be turned of for landing/taking off. No matter what. 100% enforced.

message 26: by Helen (new)

Helen Ok, so I fly tomorrow night and am going to Tunisia; flight, beach, pool, security etc. Do I take my kindle with a full charge or paperbacks. Can't decide if it'll be safe or not.

message 27: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne | 11 comments I would take books. Only because I don't know what Tunisia's airport is like. How advanced they are. It seems that each airport is different. In Texas, they checked my playing cards in my suitcase but in New York they did not.

message 28: by Elle (new)

Elle (louiselesley) I've been to Tunisia but not with a Kindle - airport was fine. People where lovely.

message 29: by Ralph Gallagher (new)

Ralph Gallagher | 327 comments Mod
I usually take at least one paperback with me just in case something happens to my Kindle. It never hurts to be prepared. =P

message 30: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 365 comments i say kindle, a paperback and a magazine...not been to tunisia, but flown into other countries in that part of the world (and out of them) and haven't had any problems

message 31: by Helen (last edited Aug 17, 2011 05:42AM) (new)

Helen That's a good idea, the kindle, emergency paperback and mag it is. Thanks for the help.

message 32: by Joe (new)

Joe Stamber | 15 comments I just went to Cyprus... I took paperback books rather than my Kindle cos I didn't want anything to happen to my Kindle. Annoyingly, airport security took my tin of vaseline from me :(

message 33: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne | 11 comments They do confiscate the strangest items, don't they? My son said they almost took away his contact lens solution. They gave it back after 'checking' it out.

message 34: by Clare K. R. (new)

Clare K. R. (clare-dragonfly) Wow, I've never had anything confiscated! (But I haven't flown internationally that often.) Once I had a pair of sewing scissors that I'd forgotten about in my carry-on and after a short discussion they let me keep them. They weren't tiny scissors or anything.

message 35: by Helen (new)

Helen I had a lovely time. I didn't read on the plane in the end asit was so late and I was too tired!

message 36: by Gill (new)

Gill (lockwdg) | 49 comments They actually anounced on my flight to Turkey that all Wifi devices including Kindles must be fully switched off for take off and landing but OK during the flight.

message 37: by Helen (new)

Helen They said similar - huge list of things to remain off or that could be put on during the actual flight barring wifi but no mention of ebooks - clearly too modern.

message 38: by Gill (new)

Gill (lockwdg) | 49 comments Very upset my poor Kindle died whilst on holiday and I had to resort to finding some second hand paper books to read. Contacted Amazon and it is luckily 4 days still in warranty so they are sending me a new one.

message 39: by Helen (new)

Helen Oh no! Do you know what caused its demise? Glad you are having a new one though.

message 40: by Gill (new)

Gill (lockwdg) | 49 comments No idea. I had been reading it fine and put it down for 5 mins to do something and when I picked it up the screen had gone black with white lines / faded text across it. Couldn't get rid of it at all, even by trying to reset. It wasn't dropped, or in contact with water or anything - really out of the blue.

message 41: by Helen (new)

Helen That's a bit scary. A friend has had a similar problem, her screen went wierd with black lines. Amazon are sending a replacement. We wondered whether it was connected to her amazon leather case as there was a problem with them (not lighted ones) a few months ago.

message 42: by Gill (new)

Gill (lockwdg) | 49 comments I've got an amazon case too. What was the problem with them? Maybe I shouldn't use it when I get my new Kindle. I have always taken really good care of it and thought the case was additional protection.

message 43: by Helen (new)

Helen It said on their chat boards that the metal connections that the kindle fits onto was shorting them out I think, and that some people were getting cracks.

When I bought mine I wanted the leather case and didn't want to pay for the lighted one as it was too much and they were currently unavailable - I was told they were redesigning.

message 44: by Gill (new)

Gill (lockwdg) | 49 comments Might have to look for a different case then. There are more available now than when I first got my kindle a year ago.

message 45: by Helen (new)

Helen Is yours the leather without light? Why don't you talk to customer services and get their opinion. It would've been about Feb that I read it.

message 46: by Gill (new)

Gill (lockwdg) | 49 comments Yes, it's the leather one without the light. Will talk to them. Thanks for that.

message 47: by Helen (new)

Helen I'm pretty sure that they were changing cases for people at the time, that would be good wouldn't it!

message 48: by Melisande (new)

Melisande (melisandes) I have had TSA break my electronics before so I never trust them with anything.

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