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message 1: by Ashcloud (new)

Ashcloud Name: Russet
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Mare
Rank: Lead Mare
Appearance: She's a big beautiful solid black ruddish chestnut horse with a long flowing black man and dark flowing mane.
Personality: She is cruel spirited to others, but she cares a lot for her herd. She is stubborn and strong and does not like to be ordered around. Has been known to be mean spirited.
History: When she was a foal, her herd was either killed or taken and her brother was taken by a mountain lion. She found a couple of lone horses and let them join her herd. After the accident, she became mean to others, but has been known to be nice to her herd.
Crush: Does not want one.
Mate: Does not want one.
Kin: None
Other: Nothing.

message 2: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Name: Sancy
Age: One year
Gender: Filly
Rank: Yearling
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Sancy has a wild imagination. She likes to extend her stories and stretch the truth. She doesn't lie. She isn't bothersome. She has a big head sometimes when it comes to her size. She is bigger than most filly yearlings should be. She doesn't normally have alot of courage, but when she does she goes straight for it. She doesn't like to take the easy way out.
Sancy was born in the herd. She has lived in the same meadow for all her life and doesn't plan on moving. She once left her herd because her mother did and became a loner, but ocne ehr mom died, she came back to the herd. She has fallen for Jet.
Crush: Jet
Other: She hates being called San or Sanny.

The name is the name of one of the horses I ride. Please do not copy it.

message 3: by Ashcloud (new)

Ashcloud Cool!

message 4: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) And that picture actually looks like the real horse!

message 5: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Except Sancy is actually a darker color, has no socks or blaze, and is bigger.

message 6: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Cool! And Sancy is prenounced San-see.

message 8: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Wait so his mother was killed by a bear in the fire??

message 9: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) I did a wild fire, but I don't really care. I just thought it'd be more reasonable with the same history, so they could have some way to relate.

message 10: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Smart!

message 11: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) I can see where you covered it.

message 12: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Yeah.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Lagoon
Age: 10 Years
Gender: Female
Rank: Mare
Appearance: Lagoon has ice blue eyes. She has a scar running all the way around her neck from when she was nearly caught by ranchers.
Personality: She is a calm and caring, though old at times she is bursting with energy. If she has to defend her herd from predators or people she will with everything she has.
History: When she was a foal Lagoon became very sick, so sick that she lost nearly all her sight, she can see faint outlines, and can notice differences in light.
Crush: None
Mate: None
Kin: None
Other: Nothing for now.

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