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message 1: by sydney (last edited Nov 01, 2011 10:45AM) (new)

sydney (sydneyelaine) Ask about saving and spending money, cause one thing we girls love to do is SHOP! I have a serious spending problem, but I also know how to save!
P.S. Feel free to write! I'm not as busy now if you need some questions answered I'de be happy to help!

message 2: by Abby (new)

Abby Curtis | 214 comments Mod
i need money! any ideas?

message 3: by sydney (new)

sydney (sydneyelaine) Abby wrote: "i need money! any ideas?"
Hey Abby!

Oh my gosh!!! I am sooo sorry! I started High School and just moved so it's been a little bit crazy these past few months getting ready for school and getting the house done but, I've got it covered and ready to answer your question!
So, you need money. Me too! LOL. Here are my tips:
1. Yard Sale! Who doesn't love a good yard sale? My cousins neighborhood (aka Sydney) has a yard sale twice a year, and a ton people go to it! That's a great way to get money, even if everything is low priced. But if something is in good condition, you could sell it for a great price. But only pricey stuff like American Girl Dolls, DSi's, ect.
2. Craigslist. I sell a lot of my stuff because you can get good prices for your old junk! :D
3) Make stuff. What are you good at? Do you like to sew, knit, bake, ect,? Well, why not have a homemade stuff sale? If something is done nice and pretty, you could get a lot of money for it. A lot of people like homemade stuff now so it's the time to do it! :)
Hope this helps!

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Abby Curtis | 214 comments Mod

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