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Enjoy our signature coffee drinks and pastries while you read with peace. Free Wi-Fi connection!

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Eliza walked into the cafe, ordering a chai latte and sitting down with her old book.

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Andy and Snow walk in hand and hand... "Eliza! I want you to meet my boyfriend, Andy Sixx."


*Andy waves at Eliza*

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Eliza looks up from her book and smiles. "Hi Andy. Snow told us alllllll about you," she says, rolling her eyes.

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*Blushes as Andy raises his eyebrow* "Yea..." *Andy hugs her giving her a small kiss on the forehead*

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Eliza laughs at them. They are just too cute, she thinks to herself.
"So Andy, how's the band doing?" she asks, kind of wanting to get back to her reading, but also wanting to talk to her new friends.

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*Andy grins* "Very good actually." *Snow smiles adoringly* "Well, We'll let you get back to reading, I just wanted to introduce you two."

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Eliza smiles. "That's good," she says. Then she waves at them and adds, "See ya around guys."

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Mal (malxox) Cameron walks in with Jessamin, "No." he said.

"Yes." Jessamin said.



"Would you shut up?"

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*They wave good-bye* "Love ya gurl!" Snow calls out, Andy's arms wrapped around Snow, nods to Eliza. Snow bumps into Cameron and a girl. "Oh.."

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Eliza smiles. She's already made a bunch of great friends. She looks back down to continue reading, but she hears arguing. She looks up and sees Cameron and Jessamin bickering.
"Is there a problem?" Eliza asks.

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Snow laughs "It seems that way... They keep saying yes and No..."

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Mal (malxox) Jessamin rolled her eyes. "It's a yes..."

"Is not." he protested.

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Snow raises a hand, "Enough. What are you two arguing about?"

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Mal (malxox) They crossed their arms at the same time. Cameron more annoyed and Jessamin more casual. "Nothing." they said at the same time.

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Eliza rolls her eyes at them. "If you don't want us to be part of it, then don't go around yelling about it," she says. "Now tell us, maybe we can help."

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Snow raises a brow while Andy laughs "Seriously... I will make you talk. One way or another... Just spill it."

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Mal (malxox) "It's nothing." Cameron said.

"I'm Jessamin." she said to Snow, Andy, and Eliza, changeing the subject.

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Snow sighs and waves at Jessamin, "Hi..." Snow leans into Andy. "This is my boyfriend, Andy."

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Eliza shrugs, thinking, Oh well, it's probably something really private.
"Hi Jessamin, I'm Eliza," she says with a smile.

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Mal (malxox) Jessamin nodded at Andy and Eliza in greeting.

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((Gretting or Greeting? XD))

Andy nods, wrapping his arms tighter around Snow, Whispering something... Snow shrugs and smiles. "How do you like the Acadamy?"

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Mal (malxox) (Greeting sorry)

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Mal (malxox) (I'm not a good speller... like at all)

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((lol. Hey, can we have something really epic happen? I'm booooooooooredddd(: ))

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Mal (malxox) (Sure, but what?)

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Eliza watches them, waiting for their answer.

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((a horde of hungry hungarian vampires attacks the cafe?!?!?!?))

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Mal (malxox) Jessamin shrugged, "I bet Cameron likes it." she grinned at him.

Cameron glared at her and looked back to the others, "It's fine."

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Eliza laughs. "What, because every girl seems to flock to you," she says, raising a teasing eyebrow.

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Michael and Gabriel, Snows Brothers, walk in. Snow pales and goes rigged. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE?!"

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Mal (malxox) Jessamin laughed, "That's what we were fighting about." she said to Eliza and then looked at the two boys.

Cameron looked at them too.

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Eliza stares at Snow, yelling at two random guys.
Has she lost her mind?? she thinks to herself.
"You were fighting about those two random guys?" Eliza asks Jessamin, confused.

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"Hey sis!" Micheal and Gabriel sing in unison. "Andy." They nodded... Snow groans...

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Irene (wingdesilverii) * Sarenia walks in looking for a comfortable place to sit and study*

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Eliza suddenly understands. "Oh! You're Snow's brothers! She told us about you," Eliza says, smiling at them.

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Jake walked in wearing a deep perple V-neck and lime green skinny jeans

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"Why... Why do you torture me?!" Snow sighs, placing her face in Andy's chest.*

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Michael and Gabriel grin, Gabriel looking at Eliza. "Hey."

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Mal (malxox) Cameron looks at them.

Jessamin half smiles at them.

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Michael looks over Jessamin, "Hey to you too..." Winks.

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Jake looked around he couldn't see his cousin

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Eliza smiles and looks at Snow. "Hun, chill out, they're not exactly torturing you," she says, rolling her eyes. She turns to Cameron and Jessamin. "Why were you guys fighting about Snow's brothers?" she asks, confused again.

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Mal (malxox) Jessamin smiles, "We were'nt." she said.

Cameron looks between Michael and Jessamin.

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Michael smiles at Jessamine..."I'm Michael, and who are you pretty little thing."

Gabriel smiles at Eliza "I'm Gabriel.."

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Jake saw all the people and walked over to them "Have any of you seen Sarah Bates...the witch?"

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Eliza smiles. "I'm Elizabeth, but call me Eliza," she says. Then she looks over at Jake.
"Hi. No, I haven't seen her around, but she could be in her house?" she suggests.

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Mal (malxox) Cameron looked at Jake and shook his head, "No, sorry."

Jessamin looks at Michael, "I'm Jessamin."

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Irene (wingdesilverii) *Sarenia sees a quiet corner table and gets a latte and sits down*

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