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This is the breakfast, lunch, and dinner room where all students eat.

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Eliza walked through the lunch line, looking for something vegetarian to eat. Everything she saw had some sort of meat in it though, and no one was around so she could ask, but that was probably because it was an ungodly hour.

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Lola walked in just to look around. She found a seat and started to people watch

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Mal (malxox) Cameron walked in an sat at an empty table.

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Eliza finally found some fruit and yogurt and sat a couple seats down from Cameron, not noticing that he was there.

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Mal (malxox) Cameron looked at her Eliza, but said nothing.

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Eliza took out her sketch pad and continued working on her drawing, stopping occasionally to scan it for mistakes and eat.

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Lola got up and walked over to the table where Cameron and Eliza sat."Mind if I sit?"

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Mal (malxox) Cameron shook his head and watched Eliza draw.

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Mal (malxox) Cameron shook his, "It's fine, what are you drawing?" he asked curiously.

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Lola sat and smiled at Cameron."Hello I'm Lola. Whoa are you?"

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Eliza's head snapped up.
"Oh, hi. Sorry I umm.. didn't see you," she said sheepishly. She looked back down at her drawing and blushed. "It's nothing," she said. "Just a doodle."

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((urgh I keep missing posts lol!))

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Mal (malxox) Cameron nodded his head and smiled sweetly, "I'm Cameron."

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Lola nodded looking over at Eliza' drawing

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Eliza set her notebook out, feeling horribly shy, like she was exposing part of herself. "It's this place my brother used to take me to, on his motorcycle," she said, smiling at the picture sadly.
((It's a forest with a big field of flowers))

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Mal (malxox) Cameron looked at it, "It's cool."

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"Yeah its pretty"Lola said looking at it

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"Thanks. I'm Eliza, by the way. And you're Cameron?" she asked. She closed her sketchpad turned to Lola. "So who are you?"

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"I'm Lola your friendly neighborhood vampire...well on a good day"She smirked

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Mal (malxox) Cameron smiled, "Cool, I'm an angel."

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"Right, so I'll try to stay on your good side. Both of you," Eliza said with a laugh. "I'm just an elementalist."

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"Really? I love elementalsit they have some cool powers"Lola grinned

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Mal (malxox) Cameron nodded. "Yeah they do, besides I don't really have a bad side. People usally just feel calm around me, and I did say usally."

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Eliza laughed. "Thanks, and that could really be a good thing if you had someone mad at you," she said.

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"Funny most people feel scared around me"Lola giggled

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Mal (malxox) Cameron smiled, "Yeah, that's probably why I never get mad."

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"You may be a vampire but you really don't seem scary," Eliza said. "Although I'm sure if you've got your fangs out with blood everywhere you're quite the sight," she said grinning.
((Hey there are other places up now too if you feel like going somewhere else.))

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Mal (malxox) (Yeah I saw :))

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"Yeah that is not a good time to say hello to me"Lola smiled

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Eliza smiled back. She had never had a vampire as a friend, but Lola seemed cool.
"Have you guys been here long?" she asked them.

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Lola shook her head."Nope just got here"

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Mal (malxox) "Same here."

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Eliza laughed and said,"Me three. We can be newbie buddies!"

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Mal (malxox) Cameron laughed softly. "Yeah."

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*Snow walks into the Commons room and talks with the lunch lady, making hand gestures*

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"Lovely new friends"Lola smiled

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*Lunch Lady hands her a canister and Snow walks away, searching for a place to sit.*

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Eliza smiled at them. "Yep, you guys are stuk with me now. Sorry."
Then she saw Snow, looking lost about where to sit, so she waved to her. Might as well,she thought.

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*Snow see's a girl waving at her, she looks around thinking she is waving at someone else, but its just her. She goes over to the table* "Umm...Hi?"

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Lola smiles at Snow showing her fangs."Hi"

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Eliza rolled her eyes at Lola. "Ignore her," she said, "You can sit here. I'm Eliza, that's Lola, and that's Cameron," she said, motioning to everyone as she said their names. "What's your name?"

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"I'm Snow." *Bares fangs back at Lola and winks*

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"Another member of the fang club awesome"Lola smiles

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Eliza laughed. Snow was a vamp too!
"Hey Snow. It's nice to meet you," she smiled.

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Mal (malxox) Cameron nodded at Snow.

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*Snow nods, smiling* "Been that way for 400 years. Except I'm different. I was BORN a vampire. Full-Blooded"

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"Huh. Now how's that work?" Eliza asked, tilting her head curiously.

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*Shrugs* "I'm a Royal Princess... Of the whole Vampire race... That is..." *Waves hand dismissively*

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"That is serious. I'm only 150"Lola says

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