Twilight (The Twilight Saga, #1) Twilight question

which do u dislike twilight or harry potter

I used to like harry Potter, but then I got into fanfiction and so I lost interest in Harry Potter altogether.

So I pick Twilight.

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TWILIGHT!! wayyy to melodramatic


between the two? If so, twilight. Like harry potter better.

But if in general, I like both.
Twilight series isn't the best series I've read though. The first book and third book were good. 2nd was a bit depressing, Breaking Dawn I found a bit inappropriate and I skimmed many scenes.

Tatyana wrote: "answer"
I dislike Twilight. Harry Potter has much more character depth and plot development. Harry Potter also touches on universal themes, such as friendship, loss, and the battle of good vs. evil. To me Twilight is very shallow in comparison to the complex Harry Potter.

I do not dislike either. I like them both but I do dislike parts of the series. Parts that if fixed, would make it GREAT. First of , I want Alice to replace Bella and be a strong female lead. In Harry Potter, I would not change anything except that it is time to close the story and write a new fresh trilogy.

I love Harry Potter because it goes with my genres of fiction I read. I'm not really into romantic books.

For Twlight series lovers out there, please don't hate me but I think that Twilight was boring for me. For others who understand romance, I think Twilight is for you.

I am completely against Twilight and I love Harry Potter.

Why do you have to hate anything?
I admit that I prefer Harry Potter, but that's no reason to hate Twilight. Never heard that these two don't go together.

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WHY do people constantly compare these two books? They have barely anything in common other than the fact that they are both popular and in the YA category.

Okay, I admit, hating a book isn't my type of thing, but, prefreably, I really strongly dislike Twilight. It has no demension, and I really don't care if Bella ate a granola bar, or Edward is once more called rock-like. He hasn't changed in the past MINUTE! And, Bella is kind of showing the world, Women don't need to do anything. Their boyfriends will do it for them. And, yes, Edward is once again considered 'hot'. Half the girls that read this, that are in their teens/preteens (So 10-19) like it 'cause Edward is hot. But, that's my opinion.

TWILIGHT!! wayyy to melodramatic

Drew posted twice
Jul 17, 2011 03:28PM

Who could dislike Harry Potter?????!!!!!!! It's one of the best books ever, and in case you haven't noticed there are tons of websites, books, posters, and theme parks dedicated to Harry Potter. I hate Twilight because one it reminds me of school like, two Bella is like a 12 year old prep, and Edward looks like he stuck his finger into a light socket. Harry Potter all the way!

Presumably you "have to" hate one or the other if you're bothering to respond to this thing at all. If you don't hate one more than the other why bother to answer this question period?

Hate Twilight for turning Vampires into carebears.

Die Edward sparkly Cullen! XD Harry Potter will live forever!!

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