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Ralph Gallagher | 327 comments Mod
This is going to be the new and improved self-promotion section for our group authors.

Instead of creating a thread for each of their books, each author is invited to create one thread here for themselves.

You can use that thread to promote your books, mention sales, connect with readers, talking about WIPs, pretty much anything you want. You can host giveaways and keep people up to date with new releases and other updates within your thread.

Please keep your threads active. Any thread that goes three months without any activity will be subject to deletion in order to keep everything neat and orderly. If you find your thread getting close to the inactive pile, feel free to pop in and let us know what you're currently working on.

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Dee (austhokie) | 365 comments Patti - I think you need to start your own thread, not post in this one

message 3: by Patti (new)

Patti Roberts | 27 comments Oh I'm so backward when it comes to this stuff :(

message 4: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 365 comments its ok...just start a thread and call it like Patti's Stuff...or something like that ;) besides its monday morning its allowed ;)

message 5: by Patti (new)

Patti Roberts | 27 comments Dee wrote: "its ok...just start a thread and call it like Patti's Stuff...or something like that ;) besides its monday morning its allowed ;)"

thank you :)

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Karen (karenwb) | 39 comments Hi, Ralph.

Thanks for doing this. Would you like me to delete the book thread then? I don't want to over promote.

message 7: by Meghan (new)

Meghan Doidge | 20 comments Thanks Ralph!

message 8: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 365 comments Scarlett - you need to start your own thread - call it like Scarlett's stuff (or something like that) ;)

message 9: by Scarlett (new)

Scarlett Rains | 3 comments Dee wrote: "Scarlett - you need to start your own thread - call it like Scarlett's stuff (or something like that) ;)"

Thanks, Dee. How do I do that?

message 10: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 365 comments click in the overall folder that says Author's Corner, and in the upper right hand (above the other threads), there is a link that says click new topic...and voila ;)

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Scarlett Rains | 3 comments Thanks, Dee. You are a patient soul. :) I did it! Can you delete the one above that is in the wrong place? Thanks.

message 12: by Alice (new)

Alice Sabo (alice_sabo) | 14 comments Thanks Ralph! This is wonderful for us new authors.

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Marian Thomas (marianlthomas) | 4 comments AQUA BLUE
The "30" Second Synopsis:
A friendship that begins to unravel. A young man fleeing the tragic loss of his mother. A romance that crosses the boundary of hatred and proves that love is stronger than the color of skin. Find it all in, AQUA BLUE.

The Back Cover:
In 1968 a child was born. Her father's eyes boast a beautiful green and her mother was born with hazel. Yet, Aqua Blue was brought into the world with neither.

Haley wishes her parents would forget her. Her mother wants to control her, her father constantly beats on her and Haley, however, just wants to dance on Broadway. Will her dreams cost her more than she ever expected?

Jonathan Jacob Benjamin Brown is running from the memory of a mother he loved. His journey will thrust him into a world filled with secrets so shocking, he must determine whether he will forgive or walk away.

As they each step foot into the intoxicating city of New York, their dreams are standing before them with open arms. Yet, in order to embrace the possibilities, they must first learn to live, love, and breathe.

Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction
Available on: Kindle

Release Date: 07.16.2013

Enter to Win a $25 Visa E-Gift Card.

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Thea Atkinson (theaatkinson) | 42 comments Is there a way to quickly search to see if you have an old thread lingering about? I'd hate to duplicate and make a list of threads overly long

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N.R. Grabe (nrgrabe) | 23 comments My dieselpunk novella, The Vote, is available for free on Amazon August 10th-11th:

I am also putting up my poetry book, Pussyfoot and Poppycock for free at this time as well:

Oh and this third one, which features a short Wild Marjoram story, always free:

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Golden Pen (goldenpen4) | 4 comments Hi guys please check out my new title 'Apartment Hunter's Boot Camp' at:

Also check out my book 'College Boot Camp' which is FREE on promo until tomorrow only:

message 17: by Isabella (new)

Isabella Johns (isabellajohns) | 19 comments New Release on Amazon!

My Hot Teacher, volume 5 of the "My Hot..." series, is a stand-alone, erotic romance, full-length novel about a college girl who begins a journey of erotic self-discovery and a search for true love with her handsome, masterful English professor.

Available as an e-book!

My Hot Teacher (Volume 5 of the "My Hot..." series; a New Adult, stand-alone novel) by Isabella Johns

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Khaled Talib (khaledtalib) | 14 comments Dear Reader
This is a review of my novel, Smokescreen, a suspense-thriller. The Examiner dubs it as a novel offering "enough originality and bold plotting."

SMOKESCREEN by Khaled Talib

Kind regards

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Craig Dressler (craigdressler) | 7 comments Christian Thriller - The Christian thriller entitled Heart of Terror is now available. The Midwest Book Review said of the book: "Heart of Terror is an exciting twist of thriller and faith, very much recommended reading." The novel is available as an ebook as well as in paperback from and from the Barnes and Noble website. Heart of Terror by Craig W. Dressler

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Anthony Whitt | 14 comments Hard Land to Rule by Anthony Whitt

This is a story of faded love, forbidden temptations, treacherous adversaries, adventure and death on the Texas frontier. Hard Land to Rule is the first in a trilogy about the turbulent times in the hills west of Austin after the Civil War. Join an unforgettable cast of rugged frontiersmen and pompous commanders, jaded wives and an enticing seductress, Texas Rangers and Comanche warriors as they engage in deadly hostilities.

Written in a rich, authentic voice, this story will keep you captivated from page to page and make you regret the long hard ride had to come to an end.

For more information, blogging and a photo gallery covering the Texas Hill Country, please visit my website @

message 21: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Whitt | 14 comments Cold Hard Ride (Hard Land to Rule Trilogy, #2) by Anthony Whitt

It's been a long hard ride to get here but the book is finally available! I'm happy to announce that it can be read as an eBook or in a softcover edition with 270 pages of a captivating story that crosses over into several genres. It's a bit of a romance rolled into a western filled with history and action. Now is your chance to get caught up on the life and times of the characters from Hard Land to Rule.

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David Corner | 1 comments Hello all,

My short story "The Critic's Demise" is an Amazon Kindle book. The book is free to read if you have Kindle Unlimited.


DavidThe Critic's Demise

message 23: by Charles (new)

Charles Ameringer (cda1) | 24 comments The spy novel THE OLD SPOOK is about a CIA operative who looks back at his 40-year career, beginning in 1951, and asks the question, "was it all worthwhile?" You get the chance to answer the question in this tale of adventure and intrigue that takes you to the very sites of the CIA's successes and failures. The Old Spook by Charles Ameringer

message 24: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Brandyn (suzannebrandyn) Coming soon in 2015, Outback Flames, Suzanne Brandyn.
Rural Romantic Suspense.
A sexy jackaroo and a sultry jillaroo. Will fate take over from where they left off?

Zoe Montgomery's life changed overnight, the night her family and their property, Montagreen, went up in flames. The incident and her previous memories are wiped from her mind. Whisked away moments later by an unknown aunt, Zoe learns to grow up fast and learns the value of hard work.
Fifteen years later, after overhearing her aunt's whispers about Montagreen, and a girl called Zoe Montgomery, the name on her bracelet, Zoe's suspicions increase. She flees the only life she has ever known, and escapes her aunt's harsh lies and abuse, to return home to find answers and rebuild.
However, returning opens not only the devastation she'd left behind, it reveals the torment her childhood sweetheart suffered which almost destroyed his life. Zoe is attracted to the sexy jackaroo come carpenter.
As Jordan works on the restoration of Montagreen, can they battle their way through a mountain of obstacles and take over where they left off, or is it too late?

Suzanne Brandyn

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Bernice McFadden | 1 comments PrePub Alert: Loving Donovan forward by Terry McMillan
Happy New Year!

This new edition of Loving Donovan is very special because the fabulous, Terry McMillan has written a lovely Forward for the reissue.
Similarly to movie and album releases - the first week of book sales are just as important for writers.

So, I hope you'll pre-order your preferred edition (digital or paper) of Loving Donovan as soon as possible and it would be a great help to me if you would spread the word amongst the book lovers in your life!

Available on Kindle and Nook January 12th, 2015
Loving Donovan
Available in paperback everywhere on February 5th, 2015

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Noorilhuda | 29 comments @Ralph, I don't get it - am I supposed to post my book topic in 'Author's Corner' or 'Books by Members' or at both places?

message 27: by Yamasitasatomi (new)

Yamasitasatomi | 22 comments This is helpful for every authors if you want to free giveaway your books.

Free to help you post your books, and send newsletters to all users and visitors.

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James Aura (jamesaura) | 6 comments My young adult mystery, set in 1975 is free thru Amazon Prime or 2.99 otherwise. I appreciate the very positive reviews of the book thus far: When Saigon Surrendered: A Kentucky Mystery

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noname noname (dcwaterman) | 2 comments Just dusted these off and slapped them up on Amazon--South Florida style fiction. Check em' out.

Number 2.

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Warren Shan | 1 comments My book Abandoned, now available on Kindle for $2.99 (if not less). Not a new book, but nearly two years on, the title has been in the top 10000 of the Amazon paid rankings for nearly a month. It's genre is stated as science fiction mystery thriller, but many readers are surprised by the story.Abandoned

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Margaret Standafer | 4 comments If you enjoy clean, contemporary romance with a bit of suspense, please check out my Misty Lake series.
Book One in the series is titled Misty Lake
Misty Lake (Misty Lake #1) by Margaret Standafer

Book Two was just released and is titled The Inn at Misty Lake
The Inn at Misty Lake (Misty Lake #2) by Margaret Standafer

Thank you,

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Sebastian Bendix (sebastian_bendix) | 2 comments The touching story of a boy, his dog, and the rampaging wolf-man that stalks them. My latest story "Full Moon Over Fellsway" is available free today (1/5/16) and tomorrow (1/6/16) on Amazon Kindle!

Thanks very much for checking it out.

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Noorilhuda | 29 comments Catharsis by Noorilhuda

Rick Ohlarik's take on 'Catharsis' - which is free on Amazon right now:

message 34: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Tirri (mirandatirri) | 1 comments Hello all avid romance book lovers! :)

My Romantic Comedy ebook ”Gone with the feelings” is FREE for two more days (29-30 January)!

Happily Ever After reading! ;)

Gone With the Feelings by Miranda Tirri


“Janina is a quick-tempered young woman, and an extremely emotional and romantic person who has tendency to build castles in the air. She never runs out of words, and certainly makes her opinion to be heard as well as seen.
Janina has been running the whole year from bar to bar after the mister right one, however without any success so far. Finally she has had enough of searching for a suitable husband candidate. She decides to take up some totally other entertainment, so she joins Scouts. In the middle of nature with children she would not need to give men a second thought!
This is what Janina decides, but how long can she keep her decision when the broad-shouldered and energetic Troop Leader steps in the picture. He is so funny, witty, self-confident, handsome…, but also so annoying!
When furthermore another man comes to mess up her train of thought, there is no day without feelings surging up. And as Janina happens to be of that type whose feet do not keep on the firm ground the order of the pack of cards is a great mystery even to herself.”

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Antonio Carlo | 20 comments Bullets From The Past by Antonio Scotto di Carlo

Bullets from the Past: FOR FREE until Feb 14th!

This thriller with romance went pretty well in Italy. So I decided to have it translated in English.
You can download it for free here:

Alisha ‘Priti’ Kirpalani (alisha_kirpalani) A leap year gift for you. FREE AMAZON DOWNLOAD on 26th and 27th February.
A Smattering of Darkness by Alisha "Priti" Kirpalani

A Smattering of Darkness: Short and Shorter Twisted Tales.

A collection of short stories of varying lengths encapsulating the grey shades of the human psyche. A riveting and deep journey into the minds of a terminally ill man, a battered wife, a mysterious teacher amongst other flawed but ever so human protagonists. Surprise endings, cheeky resolutions and thought provoking finales are characteristic of this anthology. Ranging from one line to full length, each story leaves a lingering impact that resonates long after the page is turned.

For India :
For USA:
For UK :
For Canada:

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Khaled Talib (khaledtalib) | 14 comments Hi
If you are a fan of thrilelrs, check out this Amazon Book Giveaway. I am giving away 2 kindle copies of my thriller, Smokescreen.


Smokescreen by Khaled Talib

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Antonio Carlo | 20 comments You can download this book for free until April 6th, here:

Hearts Under Fire by Antonio Scotto di Carlo

Please, spread the word

Alisha ‘Priti’ Kirpalani (alisha_kirpalani) Free for Three. 27th, 28th and 29th May.

Free Download of A Smattering of Darkness: Short and Shorter Twisted Tales by Alisha "Priti" Kirpalani. A collection of short stories of varying lengths encapsulating the grey shades of the human psyche.

For India :

For USA:

For UK :

For Canada:

A Smattering of Darkness by Alisha "Priti" Kirpalani

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Nate  | 41 comments Taking a stand against plagiarism.

message 41: by I.J. (last edited Apr 19, 2019 02:09PM) (new)

I.J. Miller | 2 comments My new novel--literary fiction with a thriller element--has just been released. I am looking for readers who would be interested in receiving a free copy and reviewing the book for Goodreads and perhaps for Amazon as well.

Here is an overview of the story:

Two moms, Maddie and Al, wake up one cold morning in March in a run-down motel in Weehawken, NJ thinking they have finally found safety after a cross-country escape from their baby’s manipulative biological father. But they soon discover that the state’s top hostage negotiator--and his personal four-man SWAT team--surround their room.

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION takes you to the inner core of two unique women desperate to keep their baby at all costs and provide him with the secure, protected, happy childhood neither of them had. This well-crafted story takes you from the drama of the present, to the tragic scarring of childhood past, to the joyful connection the two make as adults, then back to the present and its emotional closure to this passionate journey of two partners seeking a peaceful life together as a family.

Maddie and Al show us how important it is to protect our children at all costs and how valiantly they’re willing to fight to overcome the deep-rooted effects of early abuse.

I have free copies available for potential reviewers in Mobi and PDF formats.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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Vicente Ambou | 14 comments Free Ebooks for 5 days
Hi, friends!
My erotic-satirical novel, HORNO PARA BOLLOS as well as its English edition, BUNS IN THE OVEN will be free on Amazon 5 days, from the next Friday, September 20 to Tuesday, September 24, 2019.
Get the free copy at:
Get the free copy at

You can download them for free, and I would be very grateful if you add the books to your 'To Read' shelf on Goodreads.

My best,


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Gill Mather | 20 comments Ralph Gallagher wrote: "This is going to be the new and improved self-promotion section for our group authors.

Instead of creating a thread for each of their books, each author is invited to create one thread here for th..."

How do I 'start a thread'?

message 44: by Allyssa (new)

Allyssa Smith | 3 comments create new topic

message 45: by Gill (new)

Gill Mather | 20 comments Gill Mather

How can I create a new topic? Would I do so by simply filling in a Comment box like this and posting or would I do it elsewhere and if so where? Also where would I put the name of this new topic? There's no specific space for it in this page or with a box like this.

message 46: by Anna (last edited Jan 17, 2021 04:07AM) (new)

Anna Faversham (annafaversham) | 75 comments Hi Gill, I think you need to go to this thread's title 'Author's Corner' and click on that. Then you will see a list of threads created by other people and at the top right hand corner it says 'new topic'. Click on that and off you go!

I've just tested it out and updated mine!

message 47: by Gill (new)

Gill Mather | 20 comments Anna wrote: "Hi Gill, I think you need to go to this thread's title 'Author's Corner' and click on that. Then you will see a list of threads created by other people and at the top right hand corner it says 'new..."

Thanks Anna. I'm finding Goodreads very difficult to negotiate, there are so many groups and sub-groups and rules. I've started a new topic, I hope, and I hope in the right place and not in completely the wrong place. I'll have to see if anyone objects. The rules say one mustn't include links to books in a "signature" at the end of posts. I'm not sure what this means. Since the group is about Kindle books, one would assume it's OK to include the Amazon links, but who knows! Thanks again Anna. Gill

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Arun Ellis | 15 comments Hi
I hope you are all well and coping ok in these trying times - everything seems insane at the moment.
If anyone is interested my new book The Fall of the Romanovs (Corpalism, #10) by Arun D. Ellis 'Fall of the Romanovs' has just gone on sale on Amazon for purchase on Kindle (£0.99p or $1.39) and hard copy paperback (£6.99 or $9.60)
I've attached a small example for your pleasure:-

"Okay, everyone, call to order, order."
The words came from the newly appointed chair for the Westfield Amateur Theatrical Company, Geoffrey Mayweather and were accompanied by a banging of a gavel on the table. He was pleased with his new position and he looked it. Portly, balding and shiny-faced, every inch the bank manager.
He banged the gavel again and said, "First on the agenda...this year's play."
His wife, Melody, a tiny, 50-something brunette with delicate features, a surgically preserved hand span waist and well-shaped legs, determinedly a Little to his Large, interrupted his smug survey of the assembled committee members with a quiet but forceful, "Er...first Geoffrey, just to let you all know, Emily popped in earlier and left cakes in the kitchen for us." She had no intention of partaking herself but needed her female friends to dive in and engorge themselves.
There was a chorus of 'oohs and aaahs'; Emily Clunk's exquisite cakes were legendary.
"Should I get them now?" This offer came from Clive Bowthorpe, middle-aged, paunch and comb over, perennial bachelor of the parish, known to have a soft spot for both Emily and her cakes.
"Not yet," said Geoffrey, his sweet tooth fighting with the need to keep time, "things to do."
"Don't mind him, Clive," Melody's laugh tinkled through the words, "he's thinking about the football."
Clive was half-way out of the room before she'd finished speaking.
"Kick off in just over an hour," murmured a voice. Eric Stones, his mind on the game and how long it would take them to get home. He seemed to be unaware he'd spoken; the words emerging of their own volition.
His wife, Deirdre, all gym toned body and Botox face, was sitting well within earshot and raised her immaculate eyebrows, (in so much as she was able) and gave him a stern sideways look. Eric's face folded in on itself and his enthusiasm for the beautiful game waned.
"I nominate Time's Up," said a loud voice. There was a collective groan from the assembly and Derek Greene stood up, using his height to dominant effect. He was determined to get his nomination in first. "Mable," he said, indicating his wife who looked startled to be named, "will second the motion."
"Oh no," sighed Melody, "not again, surely."
All eyes turned to the hapless Mable. She was squirming, embarrassment writ large across her pretty but vacuous face. Would she be the dutiful wife and support Derek's play for a third year? Despite knowing how badly it was received and attended last time, bearing in mind it had been just as badly attended the year before that and that was before people knew how awful it was.
"Mable," pressed Derek.
She gulped.
"Seconded," she said, her voice barely audible.
"You'll have to speak up, Mable, old love," said Geoffrey, using chair's privilege, hoping she would take the opportunity to withdraw the nomination or at least have the decency to faint, "I don't think the others heard you."
"Yes Mable," said Derek, "Speak up girl."
"Seconded," said Mable, this time more forcefully. She shared their misgivings about putting it on again but knew from personal experience how pig-headed Derek could be. He would give her such grief at home if she didn't support him and he was quite capable of nominating it year on year until it was accepted and somehow made into a hit or until they all died of the sheer agony of going through the same torment again and again.
Deirdre had told Eric she intended to oppose Derek if he put forward his play again, and true to her word she spoke up, "I think we should call time on Time's Up!"
There was a light titter at the pun.
Eric began a vigorous nodding, indicating his support of his wife. He forbore to speak, unsure if it was safe to do so. Naturally, anything that sounded like disagreement would be met harshly later and in most cases the nod was the safest course of action. As his nodding slowed to a head bob, he remembered with a clutch of concern that there were times when a nod wasn't enough and full-on verbal heart felt support was required. The problem was that he never knew which was what at the time and would be instead informed about the lack of said support at a later stage and in no uncertain terms. He sighed at the tenuous nature of his survival.
"How exactly," said Florence Chestnut, Flo to her friends, in her best deep-throated actress voice, "were we to make anything of that tosh of a script...I would defy Olivier to do anything with it."
Despite entering her fifties, she was still, nonetheless, a gorgeous looking woman; milky-white skin, flame hair and a figure to die for or get extremely excited about depending on your proclivities, however she had the personality of a hungry crocodile and therefore she garnered no support.
There was a collective groan at the name drop.
Even Martin, her husband, Ken to her Barbie, made a sound, quickly suppressed. She had once appeared in film in which Sir Laurence had starred. She'd tried to steal the scene and had been banished from the studio. The scene ended up on the cutting room floor. Florence explained the missing footage on an error in set design. No matter, they couldn't go through a meeting or a rehearsal without her drawing reference to having once appeared with Olivier.
Eric saw an opening for some manly behaviour of which Deidre might approve. He stood up, heavy-set, 5ft 11 in his socks, clumsy and un-coordinated, tugging at his jacket pocket and saying, "D'you like me to read the reviews?" He was pleased that he'd taken the time to dig them out in anticipation of Derek nominating his dreadful play again. He tugged at his jacket again, the moment almost lost. He could feel Deidre's head shake without seeing it, and he tugged harder. Then the cuttings from last year were in his hand and he was flourishing them in Derek's general direction. He spoke loudly from memory, "Dull, tired, meaningless drivel, poorly scripted...nonsensical..."
"Steady on, Eric, that wasn't my fault, it was the cast...if they had more belief in the..."
Geoffrey cut across Derek's protestations, saying, "Ok, we've heard from the Nay sayers, now, who's for Derek's motion?"
Derek's hand shot up whilst the others round the table determinedly folded their arms. Mable tucked her hands under the table and ducked her head.
"Mable," hissed Derek, spotting the lack of support, "hand."
Mable grimaced, then raised her arm, quietly confident that it would make little difference if the others remained strong.
"Clive?" said Derek.
Clive swallowed the remnants of his third cake and squirmed in his seat.
"Clive," Derek said, "come on, I've always backed you."
This wasn't true, Clive felt inferior to Derek and was intimidated by him. Slowly, he raised his hand.
The room sighed.
Derek turned to the next on his list of likely targets. Daffyd Brodsky had supported him every year so far and he was confident he would do so again.
Daffyd was, as usual, draped on his chair, louche and languid, yet there was an air that was unfamiliar about him. And more worryingly, he showed no sign of raising an arm.
"Daffyd," repeated Derek, fixing the younger man with a dark stare.
"Actually..." said Daffyd, his voice a slow drawl, "I have a play of my own to offer this year."
He'd changed significantly since he'd made the decision to come out as gay, to himself, and to the public, albeit at some unspecified time in the future. His confidence levels had risen and that had altered his general demeanour. A few of the women on the committee had noticed; he was dark and brooding in a Welsh Heathcliff-like way, and this new confidence added emphasis to that. They'd spent several hours in huddled sessions, speculating on the probable cause, none of which had been anywhere near the mark. Daffyd was adept at keeping his cards exceedingly close to his chest and this hand, in particular, was well and truly clamped tight within his ribcage.
Derek stared open mouthed, the others turned in surprise, Daffyd never had ideas.
Melody gave Flo a knowing glance, Flo elongated her face raising her left eyebrow towards Deirdre who sent her own coded look to Mable who gulped; Derek would not like this one little bit, and she was bound to hear about it for weeks on end, especially if Daffyd's play was chosen over Derek's which in her heart of hearts she desperately hoped would be the case.
"What play is that Daffyd, my boy?" asked Geoffrey, turning slightly away from the dumbfounded look on Derek's face.
Daffyd's burst of courage had deserted him. "It's not all that, something I came up with...."
Derek felt rage coursing through him, "What could you have possibly written about? Spit it out," he said, a vein was now pulsing in his temple, "you've started now, so finish it."
That did it. "It's about the Russian revolution," Daffyd said, no longer sprawling or languid, "and actually...I'm quite proud of it."
"A revolution?" said Florence, her hands theatrically cupping her face, "I don't think we want anything to do with revolutions, do we girls?" She could see no role for herself in this and was immediately disposed to oppose it.
Daffyd wasn't about to leave it now the subject had been broached, "My paternal grandfather was an émigré...he fled the revolution...and my play charts the history of the revolution right up until after the Great War."
"How on earth do you expect us to put something like that on?" demanded Derek, "No, no, no, I think we all know we'd be better off sticking to something that we know..."
The others winced visibly, there was no way they could stomach appearing in Derek's disaster again.
"Anyone else?" asked Geoffrey.
"We could revive 'Horticulture Harriet'?" said Deirdre.
Eric seized his opportunity, "Hear, hear, darling."
"Ah yes, a wonderful concept, Deidre," said Geoffrey, groaning inwardly, "although we must consider what happened with the Daffodil boys? In of itself a superb idea of course, but the realisation of the idea was less..."
"Can't be done," said Derek, "not worth contemplating."
Deirdre was disappointed but didn't want to strain her facial muscles so restricted herself to a sigh.
"I'm working on something," offered Clive nervously, "but...urm...I haven't finished it yet."
"Well how close are you?" asked Melody, "To finishing it, I mean?"
"Oh...well...not so close really," said Clive, "perhaps it might be better saved for next year."
"Oh, for God's sake," Derek said, "there's no Daffyd's preposterous call to revolution and I'm sure we're all opposed to that, which just leaves Time's Up."
The room fell silent as each committee member stared into the nightmare that would be a rerun of Derek's play. The endless rehearsals with him bossing them all around, the same awful lines of what had been a tired script the first time round, the mounting despair as opening night approached, the group humiliation of staring out at empty seats and the same soul-destroying reviews as the local rag ripped into them once again. In short, the horrendous prospect of yet another mortifying flop.
"All in favour of Daffyd's Russian Revolution?" asked Geoffrey.
With the exception of Derek all hands shot in the air.

Links to Amazon are listed below:-
Thanks for your time
Cheers, good luck getting through the months ahead and happy reading

message 49: by B. (new)

B. Berkin | 7 comments Hello Everyone, Im a new author need your help.


I am sure you will like it and finish in a few hours.

message 50: by J.T. (new)

J.T. Grobler | 2 comments Hi everyone,

I'm running a sale today - 99c. I'm really hoping - and holding thumbs - that it will generate some reviews. I'd appreciate if you could help.

The Seeing Scroll by J.T. Grobler

"Stray too long where you don't belong and the world you're from could be forever gone."
When police exhume her grandfather's coffin, Gia Lance wants answers. Instead, she discovers an enchanted parchment, fragments of secrets, and the legendary curse of the Seeing Scroll.
Whose secrets are they? Why can she see them? And what do they have to do with her grandfather?
(Not just for kids)

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