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Salma (irock-) | 54 comments Hey guys plz tell me what you think about these first two pages of the story im writing =

Till now, I still don’t know who did it and it has already been 5 years. All I know was someone attacked me, bit me and changed me into what I am now …. A filthy, deceitful, ferocious werewolf. My life had been shattered when I changed. My whole life had been flipped upside down. I don’t remember anything from my past life. I don’t remember who I was, who were my parents, if I had any brothers or sisters …. I was clueless. When I had been changed I had been found by the pack... I was hallucinating so they tried to help bring my senses back. They didn’t succeed and in the end I had to be tied to a bar in a cage and locked in. Somehow I escaped, fleeing from the prison. Blurred images of me sprawled naked on a forest ground were all I remember. I had survived from the endless pain of panicking. I remember myself crawling to the nearest place until I reached a small abandoned warehouse.

The warehouse now didn’t look abandoned. When I had recovered ,I explored it and found a tunnel leading underground. The tunnel lead to treasures people could only wish for; an amount of money that even a billionaire wouldn’t have, Clothes for both female and male, food stocked into fridges and freezes that would hold with me for two to three years but of course I could just buy more food using the unending amount of money I had. It was a dream come true through a nightmare. I had credit cards made for me (of course I had to dress up as an adult) I even went to school but of course none of my friends were ever invited to my home. Yes, that’s what I called the used to be abandoned place, home. After living in it for five years after feeding from its treasures I had to call it home.

My name is Katy rose. Well that’s the name I made for myself because my real name was buried inside the memories that I have forgotten. Well actually I didn’t make it. I had found a whole box of New Ids and I chose which name and Ids I wanted. When I had found this place and settled in I realized one thing. I did not know how to speak or write any language. I found in my treasure room (that’s what I named the place where I found these cool treasures) a whole box of English books and reading books. I also found some science and history books .Slowly night after night; I worked in them, studying my mother’s tongue from the beginning and studying history and science. I even found some books about werewolves! Three whole years of hard work of studying and learning and I knew I was ready to start school. Except I didn’t know which grade am I in. I look like I’m fifteen years old and 15 years old are in grade 10 so I applied for a good school named Rallwood high .It was named that because half of it was in the woods and I needed the fresh scent of nature’s air.

The school wasn’t that bad but I was always in gang fights. I was always being laughed at because I practically wore the same type of clothes everyday: Baggie jeans and always a hoodie over my head. I had really little friends but it was better that way. It wasn’t safe for humans to be around me. I lived a lonely life. Sometimes I wished I’d stayed with the pack but I wanted to live a normal life .As normal as it could be for a werewolf.

I looked through the werewolf books every day before sleeping. Sometimes I stayed the whole night reading them. They taught me many things, the history of werewolves, our enemies….. I realized that this book wasn’t fiction, the facts were real. The book told me how to wash the scent of the werewolves on me so no werewolf would catch me. All I had to do after each time of changing was to take a bath using holy water. Which I did.

I tried only to change at full moons. Usually when I got so mad my ugly form ripples inside me and reveals itself, but using the werewolf books I learned how to control myself.To control myself I mainly have to never accompany any human. Humans made me jealous; they lived an easy romantic life which I will never live. They weren’t monsters like me, they didn’t need to worry about what’s going to happen to them in the future and most of all they weren’t lonely. I hated humans. But I lived between them so I had to deal with my hatred.

This is the last week before summer vacation finishes. School starts after tomorrow and I’m dreading the day. I promised myself that this year I was going to try and communicate with the humans , maybe I’d find someone nice and a good friend and I wouldn’t be so lonely but I doubted it.

I trotted downstairs; counting how much stairs creaked and needed repairing. I would fix them later myself after I ate and read some books. I was pretty skilful in using tools that I could fix anything from creaking stairs to a disconnected car. At school I participated in wood craft, acing it. Whenever I was bored I would take a screwdriver, some nails, and wood pieces and invent some objects.
I rambled around the kitchen looking for something edible to eat. In one of the drawers I found a packet of noodles. I checked if it was expired or not and thank god it was still in a good condition. After eating and watching T.V, I decided to play the guitar and drums. One of my other hobbies was playing instruments… I knew how to play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, violin, saxophone, trumpet and piano .I also knew how to beat box, rap and sing.

I crept down to the basement and entered my favorite room in the whole house. The walls were painted green and stuck on them were posters of my favorite bands and singers. Across the room was my drum kit and next to it lay my guitars. At the corner of the room was my piano, its black color standing out next to the green walls. My violin and other instruments were sprawled next to the piano.

I opened the piano’s flap and ran my fingers on the keys. The music made me feel relaxed and made my ears want to listen to more notes. I played some more tunes and went around the whole room playing small tunes on each instrument. After doing so I skipped to the stairs to fix them in a good mood the music still ringing in my ear.
I finished fixing the stairs and they looked as good as new. I did some exploring through the house; even though I had explored many times I still hoped I would find another treasure room or be extra lucky and find some other music instruments!

My home had three flours, all for myself. Lucky me right? I promise you, you won’t feel lucky living in a house all by yourself. Something tingled inside me. I felt the longing urge to run to the woods this second, the urge to run in the only place where I didn’t feel lonely.

Hope you like it =D

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Salma (irock-) | 54 comments ^^^ PLZ GUYS READ!

message 3: by Min (last edited Jul 17, 2011 09:14PM) (new)

Min (miin) | 51 comments Hy Salma :D Ok, I liked it, it looks interesting and like something I'd read, I just feel you don't need to explain so many things at once. I mean, I liked what you did, but there's a lot of information in this beginning. You can get into the story and explain all this werewolf things while developing the plot, you know what I mean?
But I think you should keep writing. I think you're very talented, and I enjoyed reading this first pages :D

message 4: by Salma (new)

Salma (irock-) | 54 comments Thanku alot yasmin! I agree ... i shuldnt put alot of information in the beginning =/ I understand and thnx! Ill improve it and post it again ! Thanku =D

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