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Folklore as Inspiration?

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message 1: by Ancestral (new)

Ancestral Gaidheal (gaidheal) Does anyone else here use folklore for inspiration in their work?

I own a lot of folklore books, many of which have proved inspirational in undertaking certain tasks. Some I have followed to the letter, others I have adapted to suit my environment.

message 2: by Iva (new)

Iva Kenaz (ivakenaz) | 7 comments Hi, I definitely do!
I'm very inspired by the folklore of my home country - the Czech Republic, mainly in my writing. What folklore are you interested in?

message 3: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Osiecki (rozemaiden87) Oh absolutely - usually when I'm looking for specific correspondences or information about an entity - I go for academic and historical source material.

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