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message 1: by Shanna (new)

Shanna | 5 comments hey i was wondering if there are any books similar to the movie John Tucker must die?

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rbg23) Maybe the Private (Private, #1) by Kate Brian series?

message 3: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (narcisse) The Julian Game by Adele Griffin sounds pretty similar, though I haven't read it to be sure.

message 4: by Shanna (new)

Shanna | 5 comments Thanks kristy i've already read the private series!

Jenny that book looks great. thanks.

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rbg23) You're welcome! I've read the first two in the series... is it worth it to keep going?

message 6: by Shanna (new)

Shanna | 5 comments well i read up till the 6th one. there all pretty good. nothing super special. but theyre quick easy one day reads.

message 7: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rbg23) Ok cool. I might continue on with the series then! thanks!

message 8: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (fauvely) | 7 comments 'The Book of Luke' is pretty similar

message 9: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (narcisse) I was looking at this book that comes out in December and thought about this thread:
The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers by Lynn Weingarten

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