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The room has a basic set up and plain colors. No computer and tv

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Miko sat on his hard bed and read some of his old, torn novel. He let out a soft sigh. If only papa would sell the farm. We'd have enough money... He thinks to himself.

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Ari was walking along a random corridor, exploring, when she heard a lone thought from one of the rooms. She slowly walked towards it. This person sounded new... She knocked on the door.

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Pandora walked up to Ari
"Here to say hello to the newbie to?" she asked her

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"I guess?" She looked at the girl. "You new too?"

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Miko opens the door to two girls. He gives a shy smile and blushes at his crappy room. "He... Hello" He says in his Greek accent.

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) "A few days old.." Pandora said smiling.

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Pandora smiles at Miko.
"HEy Greek boy!" She says

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Ari turned to see the door being opened by a really cute Greek guy. "Hi! I'm Ari!"

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) "And im Pandora." She said, elbowing Ari in the ribs then raising her eyebrows

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Miko is taken aback by how nice they were. "Ummm... Hello, I'm Miko Zaro" He half sticks out his hand, unsure of what rich people do.

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Pandora shook his hand.
"Nice to meet you Miko."

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Ari smiled at him. "We came to say hi!"

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) "Yep, kinda a tradition in this school it seems." Pandora said winking.

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He smiled a little more naturally now, but still guarded. "That's very pleasant of you, ma'am"

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Pandora laughed.

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"You said ma'am!" Ari threw her head back and laughed too.

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He frowned a little and lowered his head. "My mother told me to respect ladies. Especially those who are much wealthier than I" He said softly

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"I'm not wealthy, just you're average citizen. And your mum taught you well!"

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Pandora smiled and nodded her head.
"Have to agree with you there Ari" she said

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"Much more wealthy than me" He smiles briefly "Thank you, she's a great woman"

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"And you're a great son to her. Seriously, if it was my brother... You don't wanna know..." Ari smiled.

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Pandora smiled.
"Well greek boy! what brings you here?"

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He smiled at Ari. "Thank you" He turned to Pandora "My father wants me to learn something other than farming. Our farm is failing badly"

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Ari looked at him. He was pretty cute...

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Miko smiles at Ari.

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Pandora gives him an encouraging smile.
"Well im sorry to hear that. Is there any hope though?" She askes him

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He looked back to Pandora. "No..." He smiles sadly. "I would invite you in, but my room is not up to par, and I'm terribly ashamed"

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Pandora shruggs.
"Dont frett! its ok."

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"It's fine, Miko," Ari smiled at him.

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He shook his head, trying to close the door a little. "Please! Such beautiful ladies shouldn't have to see the way peasants live" He said honestly.

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Pandora smiled.
"Awwww...i love this boy already." She hugged greek boy.
"Your so sweet." She patted his cheek.

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"Well, you are one hot peasant..." Ari murmured, realizing too late that she had said it out loud. She covered her mouth.

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Miko hugged Pandora and smiled at Ari. "Thank you" He said to both of them.

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) "Hot? His bloody gorgeous." Pandora said, smiling.

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"You're such a gentleman!" Ari laughed. "It's so hard to come across gentlemen these days..."

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He smiled at Pandora.

((He's based of my looks... Kind of... This is very odd...))

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((This is funny. Considering that I actually do think this character is hot...))

"Gorgeous Greek Boy!"

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) ((lolz! yea and so?))

Pandora smiled back and stepped away from him.
"Yea know what you mean Ari"

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Hannie wrote: "((This is funny. Considering that I actually do think this character is hot...))

"Gorgeous Greek Boy!""

"Your new nick-name!! I love it." Pandora said.

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"Me too!"

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He smiled. "Gorgeous Greek Boy, eh?"

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) "Hell yea." Pandora said then laughed.

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Ari laughed too.

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He laughed too, then looked at the floor. "Pleas excuse my awkwardness. I'm horrible with beautiful ladies..." Rich, beautiful ladies who wouldn't look twice at a peasant like me He thought bitterly.

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Pandora placed a hand on her chest.
"I am flattered..." She said, smiling wide.
"And dont me! It makes you look more cute."

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Ari heard his thoughts. "You're not horrible with us! And didn't I tell you I was not rich?"

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Confusion swept over Pandoras face. She opened her arms wide.
"Do i look like im rich to you?" She asked Miko

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He frowned. "Did I say that out loud? Sorry" He looked at Pandora "Much wealthier than I am, Miss Pandora. You too, Miss Ari"

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((Remember. He doesn't know ANYTHING about the supernatural))

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