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message 1: by Peggy (last edited Jul 17, 2011 04:38AM) (new)

Peggy (peggy908) | 924 comments This is a topic for us to share tips and suggestions on how to use the forum. Also please post any questions you may have on using the forum.

message 2: by Peggy (last edited Jul 17, 2011 06:27AM) (new)

Peggy (peggy908) | 924 comments How to post Spoilers:

In order to show the spoiler method, I have inserted * below but when you do a spoiler, LEAVE OUT the *. I had to insert the * or it would have shown up as a spoiler tag.

<*spoiler>type your spoiler inside these<*/spoiler>

message 3: by Werner (new)

Werner | 693 comments Peggy, thanks so much for that spoiler method explanation! I'd read it before in another group, but had forgotten it; I should remember it now! (If I don't, I'll refresh my memory here.)

You asked about how to include embedded, clickable links to the Goodreads description for a book when you're typing a comment. Just above the comment box, there's an "add book/author" link. To embed your link, click on that link, use the search function to find the book you want, and click the "add" box next to the right one when the result list comes up. The program will then automatically embed your link for you.

message 4: by Sylvia (new)

Sylvia (sylviab) | 1361 comments Two questions from the slower member of this forum about the spoilers! There are three "less than, more than" signs in the example. Do we use just two of them, before and after the spoiler statement? AND how does the reader pull up the spoiler? By clicking somewhere between the signs, or is the statement showing, and we are just supposed to avoid reading it?

message 5: by Peggy (new)

Peggy (peggy908) | 924 comments Sylvia,

A spoiler link looks like this - I should have put an example: (view spoiler)

There are four "less than, more than" signs being used.
Feel free to practice below, you can always delete your post after you see it worked. That's what I had to do!

message 6: by Werner (new)

Werner | 693 comments Sylvia, at the beginning of your spoiler, you put a < sign, followed by the word "spoiler" and a > sign. At the end of your spoiler, you put the same thing, but with a / in front of the word. It's the same procedure you'd use to do italics in hypertext, except with "spoiler" instead of "i". In the posted comment, a "view spoiler" link shows (the "less than, more than" signs don't), and the reader clicks on that link if he/she wants to read the spoiler. Hope that helps!

message 7: by Sylvia (new)

Sylvia (sylviab) | 1361 comments Thanks, Peggy and Werner, for your patient explanations. I'm going over to the Madselin thread now to give it a try.

message 8: by Peggy (new)

Peggy (peggy908) | 924 comments I've taken trivia quizzes but never submitted any questions. Why do I get invitations to answer a trivia quiz from people I don't know? Are you able to invite anyone that has ever answered one of your trivia questions or can you invite anyone that owns a book that the question pertains to?

message 9: by Werner (new)

Werner | 693 comments Peggy, I've always thought you could only invite your Goodreads friends to answer Never-Ending quiz questions. Mind you, I never have; but I've only gotten invitations from friends.

message 10: by Peggy (last edited Jul 27, 2011 05:12AM) (new)

Peggy (peggy908) | 924 comments Follow up to the "trivia quizzes invitations (post 8)", here is the response that Goodreads sent me:

"it is possible to invite users who are not your friends through the "manual" tool. I'm guessing that's what happened here. You can choose to block the members that invited you, which would prevent them from inviting you to answer trivia in the future. To block a member, navigate to their profile, scroll down to the bottom, and click "block
this member".

I'm not going to block anybody yet but I only do the quizzes on books that I have read. The few times I tried otherwise, there were so many Twilight and Harry Potter questions (which I haven't read) that I didn't continue. I'd rather be reading :)

message 11: by Barbara (last edited Aug 07, 2011 07:26PM) (new)

Barbara (sema4dogz) | 2215 comments Janice posted on the Madselin thread that she was not getting email notification of posts , despite having "individual' on her discussion preferences. Now I remember this happening to me some time ago and Werner told me how to fix it - what happens is that for some reason Goodreads makes your email 'unverified;' and until you redo it , you get no notifications. There seems to be no clear reason why this happens. I'm so sorry but I just can't remember how to fix it, though I have been through every obvious method . Can anyone help?

message 12: by Werner (new)

Werner | 693 comments Barbara, I'm not sure if the way I did this before is still valid. I haven't done it in some time, and the "edit profile" link I'd used before no longer leads to a page where this can be checked.

message 13: by Peggy (new)

Peggy (peggy908) | 924 comments This is a little long but here goes. There's a couple of ways that email notifications work.

At the top of the screen, to the right of your name, click the arrow. When the menu opens, pick “my account”

On the “my account” screen, pick “emails.” Close to the bottom of the screen is a heading called “Group Email Preferences.” On the NL group, pick whether you want to get a digest or individual emails.

(At the right of this screen, Goodreads tells you what email address they are using for you.)

(I’ve noticed this method doesn’t always send all comments, especially if you haven’t posted on a thread. I think this may be on purpose to keep people actively using the forum.)

If you want to make sure you get all comments on a particular discussion, such as Madselin, open that discussion, go to the bottom of the screen. You will see two choices:

___ Add to my update feed
___ Email me when people reply

Click on “edit”. If you pick the 2nd option, you get two choices. Individual Emails or Email All. Email All is the best choice to get ALL updates to that discussion. If you pick “Individual Emails” you have to keep visiting the discussion to keep this active.

message 14: by Barbara (last edited Feb 03, 2014 06:21PM) (new)

Barbara (sema4dogz) | 2215 comments This is good thread that I had forgotten. It already has 'how to do spoilers' in it.
I'll put mine in again shall I? Just in case my cumbersome method is useful to someone ,though Werner in 6 above describes it succinctly. It's tricky until you write it down with actual paper and pencil for yourself , using the symbols I think

You do
<*spoiler>comment you want to hide*spoiler> ONLY WITHOUT THE ASTERISKS

message 15: by Barbara (last edited Mar 03, 2014 10:47PM) (new)

Barbara (sema4dogz) | 2215 comments To my chagrin, I cannot find the thread/post/topic for moderator's messages . And I ARE one!

Anyway, what I wanted to say was , on behalf of all three moderators , thank you to everybody who has been participating in the group reads and of course in any discussion . Sylvia once said that she thinks we keep NL's material alive by this Goodreads group and I think she is absolutely right . Actually we are probably the most active NL online group in existence!

Anyone can lead a discussion, it does not need to be a a moderator and it does not need any special skills or literary excellence to my mind, only the interest and desire and a bit of organisation in terms of keeping it on topic etc.

There are stacks of threads/discussions/topics/folders in this group,sometimes not easy to find (ahem, me). Please, anybody and everybody feel free to revive an old one or suggest a new one.

So welcome, welcome again anybody new and thanks again everybody for input .

Barbara (and Sylvia and Peggy)

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