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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Mean girls, bitched/sluts who think they are better then you.....when in real life you and her are just as equally the same.

Have you ever been in a situation where a girl tried to control you and make you feel low and stupid?

Have you solved this problem with them?

Or do you still need help in solving them?

I am sure there are girls here who have been in a little situation like if you have please tell how it went and how you solved it. It will be a great help for people who are still in a situation like this and need help.

message 2: by Thalia (new)

Thalia (thaliaanderson) Kind of ties in with my "rant".

This girl didn't "hate" me. She didn't live to make my life miserable. She was my best friend. I loved her very, very dearly; more than I'd ever loved anyone outside of my brothers and my parents.

But when she decided that she was too cool for me and wanted to fit in with more popular kids, she destroyed me beyond words. She may not try to control me, but she does and she has COMPLETE control over me, and I can't do anything about it. While she's happy, I'm miserable. If she's miserable, I'm miserable. I get the feeling she thinks she's a lot better than me because I'm in love with video games, and she does sports; I'm a true-blue nerd who finds it easier to say hello to a stranger online than I can with a kid I've been sitting next to in class for a whole year.

My problem is far from solved. But there's a quote from a game I love that's really been helping me, and I feel like it could help anyone who's trying to deal with their own sorrow and suffering (since we've all had those Superchick "Stand in the Rain" moments).

"I will live with my sorrow. I will live my own life! I will defeat sorrow...I will stand my ground and be strong! I don't know when it'll be, but someday, I will conquer it. And I will do it...without false hope."

Never pretend to be okay. It's alright to feel low and scared and lonely and hurt. Just remember that someday, you're going to be stronger because of it, even if you don't know when you'll get out of the rut you're in. <3

That's my advice. (:

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Awwww......You know, that solves allot of my problems....even if it isnt about mean girls.

Im sorry she has Control over you? Do you have other people you can sit with?

message 4: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) my story would take forever to type

Ruby~am I a part of the cure? (openupyoureyes) | 105 comments Thank God I've not known a person like that. All the friends that I've had were actually friends for the time they lasted and when we grew apart because of the distance, we still keep in touch and stuff.

message 6: by Whitlea (new)

Whitlea | 53 comments Hm... well I haven't had any problems with mean girls for a couple of years, they've been rather easy for me to avoid in high school.

I won't post the gory details of the middle school drama my friends and I (by default) encountered because I don't think there's a need to dredge that up now. The best way to endure it is to just remember that what these girls say doesn't matter. Just be who you are and surround yourself with people who will like you for you. It took me all of middle school to figure that one out. My advice would be to act with indifference to whatever the mean girls say, their opinion shouldn't matter if they're the jerks they seem like. Just have fun with your friends and don't worry about them.

message 7: by Thalia (new)

Thalia (thaliaanderson) Don't let middle school get you down, Whitlea. <3 My sixth grade year was awful because of this one girl, but high school is SO much better. There's less of that and more actual friendships that can develop. Your ending advice is perfect!

Alexis: You know? I actually eat outside, off campus, with my other friend. On the days I don't have lunch with her, I eat alone. Last year, I used to sit with all these other kids inside the building (this other girl included), but one of the guys there seemed to base his existence on putting me down and making me feel small and worthless. I was completely miserable, and made the switch to eating outside; alone or with one friend, it's much better than what I endured before!

Elizabeth: If you ever want to type it out, we're all willing to listen!

message 8: by Whitlea (new)

Whitlea | 53 comments I know, right? Sophomore year was pretty much the best year I've had in a while, just because I became a little less self-conscious and found a solid group of awesome people I'm glad to call my friends. ^_^

message 9: by Thalia (new)

Thalia (thaliaanderson) I like my freshman year a lot. There wasn't hardly any drama between my friends and I (well, unless you count the whole thing with that dude trying to ruin my life, but I got over it pretty fast), and I was just happy. <3

My sophmore year (this last year) was really good, except for my best friend breaking my heart and all on the side. But everything that didn't have to do with that was pretty dang wonderful. (:

message 10: by Whitlea (new)

Whitlea | 53 comments Freshman year was awful for me, but that had more to do with me and my own issues than anyone else. Taking AP World didn't really help. =P

Aw, I'm sorry about that. I hope it works out for you. I can't imagine how awful that must be... But I'm glad the rest of your year was fabulous. :)

message 11: by Thalia (new)

Thalia (thaliaanderson) I don't think things will work out. But I think I'm okay with that, and I feel like working through heartbreak is the best thing to do. (:

message 12: by Whitlea (new)

Whitlea | 53 comments In that case, I hope you get through it. Broken hearts are never fun, at least they don't last forever.

message 13: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Wow! Im only in yr 9 but we don have that sort of drama in my school. there are some "hating" between some of my fwend but thats bec of gossip.

My problems were in primary school.

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y is it tat most ppl think that its the cheerleaders or ppl high on the sosical list tat r mean?
I'm asking cuz when I joined my private skool couple of years ago the first thing I became was a cheerleader and the goths and mst of the other groups at skool rly hated me and it took alot of time to actually get ppl to kbow tat I'm not mean or rude and I don't care how u look

message 15: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Well in most American movies, cheerleaders are bitches. This kind of signals our brains that cheerleaders are bitches and mean girls. We know it’s not fair for them, but what makes it worse is that in some places/countries this is true so kids nowadays have come to a fact that cheerleaders are mean.

If you know you don’t have a cold, stone heart...Show everyone who you really are. Its not easy but who said anything was easy?

message 16: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 17, 2011 08:30PM) (new)

*sigh* wish it was!!I spend a whole year and most ppl do now but some still call me a barbie doll and bitich 4rm visiting skools

message 17: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Well you can just tel them to "f*ck off". They dont know who you are and they shouldnt "Judge a girl by her cover"
Well, some people are like that...there is nothing we can do about it.

But when people call me names or say something rude to me....i jyst say "Look love you throw insults but i throw punches" :P .......and just walk away! hehe

message 18: by Thalia (new)

Thalia (thaliaanderson) The cheerleaders I know actually are jerks, so it's not always just in the movies; a lot of that is also real life. You/your squad happens to be a pleasant and rare case of niceness. (:

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

:D wish it wasn't, most ppl in the squad r nice and lol Alexis!!

message 20: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Haha thnx! Hope i helped :)

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

yep u did!!

message 22: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) haha! thts good. :)

message 23: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ Aw, I thought this topic was about the movie "Mean Girls." Haha.

message 24: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) I hate middle school

message 25: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ Middle school is pretty suckish.

message 26: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) Yeah got last year (7th) was horrible i hope 8th grade is better

message 27: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ 8th grade was better for me ... I think. I don't remember it being too horrible. But this was like, 5 years ago for me.

message 28: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) Yeah

message 29: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ Well, on the bright side, I'd say the only school year you have yet to worry about is junior year of high school. It's brutal. But other than that, it's mostly downhill.

ß®ï:Dģε₮  *The Gothic Nerd of Revenge!* o.O | 244 comments Awww, i remember middle school. That was like when every kid was on the verge of puberty and we were all like "I'm growing hair on my armpits :(" Yeah middle school was scary...

message 31: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) Haha my middle school is full of sluts

ß®ï:Dģε₮  *The Gothic Nerd of Revenge!* o.O | 244 comments Elizabeth :)(: wrote: "Haha my middle school is full of sluts"

Hahaha, mine was too. Now that I think about it, I didn't go to a very good middle school...

message 33: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) haha mines like the best and its bad

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Elizabeth :)(: wrote: "I hate middle school"

I've never been in middle skool

message 35: by Thalia (new)

Thalia (thaliaanderson) Eighth grade was my best year of middle school. There was NO drama; just happiness! (:

Plus, we had about the best student teacher in math, EVER. He nerded with me on various occasions about Legend of Zelda, and Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy. He made a math riddle so we could guess his age and the very last clue was something like, 'Subtract the highest level Sora achieves in Kingdom Hearts 2'. It was about the best thing ever.

message 36: by Ayesha (new)

Ayesha Anny wrote: "y is it tat most ppl think that its the cheerleaders or ppl high on the sosical list tat r mean?
I'm asking cuz when I joined my private skool couple of years ago the first thing I became was a c..."

I don't think ur a mena girl....anymore...

message 37: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) Im glad ppl are liking this topic and contributing! Im glad i made it! :)

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

:D and yes ANYMORE u started crying when I accedently tripped you and threw your book at me when I said, 'omg so sorry let me help you!!'

message 39: by Picture (new)

Picture  Perfect (picturesperfect) | 34 comments ♥ Brigid ♥ {Lion Hearted Girl} wrote: "Aw, I thought this topic was about the movie "Mean Girls." Haha."

Hahah. I thought the same thing. I'm was like, "Finally, something I can talk about." But, no.

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

I have these girls in my class named eden and lauren. They're best friends, and the biggest b*****s the world has ever seen!

message 41: by Sherry (new)

Sherry (sdmccarty) Would you care to explain?

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

SCREW THEM!!and yes plz explain

message 43: by Ayesha (new)

Ayesha Anny wrote: ":D and yes ANYMORE u started crying when I accedently tripped you and threw your book at me when I said, 'omg so sorry let me help you!!'"

srry!!u know y!!

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

OK, so I moved to my new school (now old) in 3rd grade. As soon as I walked into the class, Eden mouthed to Lauren, "She looks like a b****" I was like, umm excuse me? Then, here's the worst. She said I got H-E-R-P-I-E-S from screwing a boy in my class named Zach at his birthday party and that's why I was gone week. I had swine flu for heaven's sake! Everyone looked at me like I was a freak forever. That was in 5th grade. That's the main reason I'm moving back to my old school. Plus Lauren is like a SLAVE for Eden and she doesn't even realize it. They're such crap faces. And there's your explanation.

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

OMG!!!!!SCREW THEM!?!tats sooo awful

message 46: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (crice26) | 42 comments I don't understand why girls are so mean to each other!! I would think they would stick together...have you ever noticed that girls hate each other at first and guys are always like "Sup man" even if they don't know them!!! It's a crazy world

message 47: by Batool (new)

Batool  | 38 comments i don't really have a mean girl problem but there was this one girl in my geometry class last year she would always make me feel like i was dumb like if i'd ask the teacher a question she'd be like duh Batool your slow how can you not know that and it doesn't always get to me but sometimes it makes me wanna throw something at her!

message 48: by Ellie (new)

Ellie (ElleBelleG) | 37 comments The best thing to do when they insult you is laugh! Cause it gets them all flustered and they don't know what to do next. When someone insults me it honestly males me laugh and so I figured out that they hate it. I don't get insulted that much. I'm actually liked a lot by kids in my grade but last year was really weird. So I have 2 best friends and we became really good friends with the guys in our grade. We started to sit by them ably lunch and stuff. And since there were 3 of us a couple other girls called us the Plastics, you know from Mean Girls. That made lots of girls think we were mean sluts. I can't let someone just walk all over me. I just can't. I have to stand up for myself and my friends. So I did. And when we would actually hang out with people they'd be all "wow you guys are actually nice.." it was weird. Oh, and if that laughing doesn't tick them off you can pretend you don't understand the insult. Or that you don't hear them. But be as sincere as you can be. Like make it look like you honestly don't get it or can't hear. Just ask what? over and over. That usually works.

message 49: by ß®ï:Dģε₮ *The Gothic Nerd of Revenge!* o.O (last edited Aug 05, 2011 12:20PM) (new)

ß®ï:Dģε₮  *The Gothic Nerd of Revenge!* o.O | 244 comments So I had this best friend a couple years ago and then she grew her breasts while I was still "developing". Then she started acting like a bitch just because she got some stares. Seriously, all I ever heard on the phone was "Oh my gosh. He's so totally hot! Did you see his butt?" And meanwhile I was like, "Wait? What happened to the convos that explained what we were doing together this weekend?" But nooo, all she wanted to talk about was about which boy had the cutest butt. *Sigh* I know this wasn't about a girl controling me or making me feel low but I did solve my solution by getting a new best friend who BTW I luv! But yeah...I just had to get that out.

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oh wow I''d record myself saying serious then put ehr on speaker and press play and repeat and leave, that must've been annoying!

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