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☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Triella sat in a chair in the corner, reading through a book about knights saving their princesses and fighting evil spirits. She'd read about Sirens that sang and lured men to their deaths through their voice. I'm one of them. She thought miserably. I can make a man kill himself if I wanted to.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Triella shook her head. Dwelling on thoughts like these wouldn't help her. She closed the book and got up, catching herself as she realized that her legs had gone numb. She closed her eyes and walked around, getting feeling back into them. She put the book away and felt her stomach growl. She bit her lip, then made her way to the cafeteria.

Melodious Euphony Arcasia sidled into the library, eyes fixed on the floor and her feet. She loved libraries. They were silent, so she could think.

Melodious Euphony Arcasia looked up. "Oh no, it's fine. I'm a bit of a klutz." She said with a sheepish grin.

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Adrianna | 332 comments Eric walks in he sees the many books. He thinks awesome.

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Emily | 3 comments Char walks in and immediately found the book she was looking for carefully she found a quiet spot and began reading

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Adrianna | 332 comments Eric looks around trying to find a good adventure book he has so many things crowding his head.

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