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Rabbitstar shivered at the cold leaf-fall air. Her pelt had never been the longest, and she was probably the coldest in her Clan. She suddenly coughed roughly and shuddered again.
She was getting old. She had three lives left, but she was the eldest of all the other leaders...and it wasn't helping she got sick often, much to the medicine cats concern.

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SpazzyJazzy Sunkit poked his head out of the Nursery, about to step out until Leafspots picked him up by the scruff and dumped him back down in the nest. "Muuuuum!" he whined, giving her a filthy look. "It's not that cold! Leafbare will be worse... you should let me out whilst I still can!" Leafspots shook her head, whiskers twitching in amusement. "I know exactly where you're going, Sunkit. Stop hassling your poor aunty." Sunkit scowled at being found out, sitting down with an annoyed 'hmph.'

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Ashcloud | 787 comments Mod
Rabbitstar smiled at her nephew. He reminded of her as a kit.

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