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Coldmoon was on a patch of rocks, the large tom covering about half the rock. He was watching his Clan to make sure there was no danger loyally. His ears were intently pricked with alert and his blue eyes searched the camp intently.

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SpazzyJazzy Light filtered into the warm den inhabited by the ShadowClan tom, alerting him that it was well past the appropriate time to get up. His tail twitched irritably, but even he knew sleeping in was normally frowned upon... particularly by the leader. With a yawn, he shook his head to rid himself of the remaining trendils of sleep that still clung to his mind, and padded out of his comfortable den. There, he surveyed the Camp for a moment, whilst seating himself down and contentedly grooming himself.

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Coldmoon noticed him and lumbered up, "Rabbitstar didn't sound to good in the gathering...." He knew the leader hated WindClan, but he thought it might be needed. Leaf-bare was coming soon and he knew Blaxingstar wanted to move up with territory. This might be the chance.

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SpazzyJazzy Blazingstar paused in his grooming, letting out an amused purr, raising his head to address his Deputy. He hadn't failed to notice this, and he found the knowledge quite entertaining. "Indeed," he agreed, eyes narrowing in thought, "WindClan have never been the strongest of Clans, what with their lack of prey and other... deficencies." He paused there, as if considering the many meanings that word could have, before continuing, "Now, with leafbare approaching, it would be as good a time as any to... expand our territory, so to speak." And by that, Blazingstar meant eleminate them completely. He cared not whether it was killing them or driving them out, he simply wanted the vermin gone.

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"Yes...she didn't look to good. I don't know what's got her, but I expected her to drop dead on the ground, she was hacking so bad and her eyes were so runny. She's skinnier than a twig too." Coldmoon encouraged. He didn't mind WindClan, but, he knew since leaf-bare was coming, food would be especially scarce in ShadowClan territory, and he wanted to provide some nourishment for the Clan.

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SpazzyJazzy Blazingstar considered Coldmoon's words, although he knew his mind was well past made up. When would he get an oppurtunity like this again? His Clan were only just raking in enough prey, and extra territory would make quite a difference to ensure their strength and wellbeing. The added bonus was that it just happened to be WindClan with the weakened leader, meaning it would be like killing two birds with one stone. He could finally settle his grudge against them whilst also gaining the Clan enough prey to last the leafbare at the same time. What did he have to lose? "In two nights," he began, more than pleased with the oppurtunity presented before him, "we will attack them." It would be plenty of time to ready his Clan. "Make sure the Clan stays off their territory in that time, though. The last thing we want to do is warn them of a possible attack."

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Coldmoon nodded. He decided not to tell his Clan yet. It would come soon enough. He shook his head murmering, "Rabbitstar won't know what hit her. You've already stripped six of her lives in one lifetime. Just like what you did to the old leader."

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SpazzyJazzy "Not a particularly difficult feat," Blazingstar snorted, arching an eyebrow in amusement. "But it will make our victory easier, at least. Our only problem would be if they went to one of the other Clans seeking assistance in the middle of battle... namely ThunderClan." Blazingstar wasn't sure if he had the warriors or apprentices to spare to patrol the borders of the other Clans during the fight, just to make sure no messengers slipped through.

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"Then we'll take RiverClan on our side." Coldmoon said, he had close accomplices in RiverClan from the Gatherings and was sure they would join.

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SpazzyJazzy ((Ok.))

Blazingstar nodded thoughtfully, shooting Coldmoon a glance. "Will you travel over there with a patrol?" He didn't expect the entire of RiverClan (which would become rather problematic. He did not fancy the idea of sharing WindClan's territory with the other Clan), but thought it more inconspicious if the Deputy went instead of the Leader.

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Coldmoon nodded, "Yes Blazingstar. Who should I bring?"

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SpazzyJazzy ((No idea. Eragon?))

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